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RE-PUBLISHED by the author, this is Book Three of the Warriors of Phaeton series.

Contains characters introduced in Bridal Pact and Bridal Bonds. Can be read as a standalone although reading the series gives more understanding of the characters.

Warrior Dathrow has been waiting for a human bride for eons. When his first match falls for one of his warrior brothers, Dathrow’s anxious to find her replacement. Discovering he not only has a match, but one almost identical to his original bride, Dathrow counts himself lucky.

Pixie has the perfect life on Earth—until everything falls apart. And her sister Poppy is living in marital bliss with her space husband in a galaxy far far away. Why not join up? In the bridal program and matched with Dathrow, Pixie can’t believe her luck. Tall, gorgeous, and the way he fills out his leathers? Wow.

But discovering Dathrow’s original match was Poppy, and worse, finding evidence he’s still in love with her threatens everything. 

Note: this book is a RE-RELEASE of a work previously published by Ellora's Cave. The Warriors of Phaeton series is now self-published independently by the author, Leora Gonzales.

February 26
Leora Gonzales
Amy Gonzales-Stansbury

Customer Reviews

Elena Jet ,

Dathrow by Lenora Gonzales

Loved the story line and the characters.

App store fun games 100 ,

Annoying Leading Lady

I love a good alien loves human story but the Pixie and Poppy’s dialogue was beyond crazy. From the constant insults that they threw at each other to acting ridiculously, I did not enjoy these two characters. A little sister fun is always good but the author took it way too far and they seemed more like little kids emotionally and verbally. If I never hear or read the word “Bish”, I will be happy. The story line itself was good and it would be a great book in my opinion if the sisters characters were cleaned up and given more maturity.

KellyG198 ,

Annoying female lead character

I like feisty female characters, but for me there is a line between being feisty and just being immature. Poppy and Pixie blow past that line, crash land in a massive fireball deep in the land of immaturity and set up permanent camp there. Their characters really ruined the flow of the story for me. I skipped a lot of their dialogue because reading it was worse than I what imagine being trapped in an 8x8 soundproof and windowless prison cell with a group of tween aged girls would be. Glad it was a free download.

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