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As a gardener, you understand that cultivating plants, weeding, composting, and pest control take time, money, and effort, but that doesn’t mean you must choose between gardening and other aspects of your life. It’s possible to enjoy a healthy organic garden if you use Jean B. MacLeod’s simple time-saving and cost-saving strategies.

In The Waste-Wise Gardener, MacLeod shares scores of easily implemented tips and techniques designed to take some of the labor out of your labor of love. As you read through her alphabetically organized advice, you’ll discover how to conserve natural resources, expenses, and your own time—all while maintaining an organic, earth-friendly garden.

MacLeod tackles such topics as water conservation and gray-water use, environmentally safe sprays, companion planting, and the importance of considering hardy native plants. She offers suggestions for easy composting, organic mulches, and natural pest control. MacLeod’s principles and tips will help you become a more resourceful, economical, and waste-conscious gardener.

You can create a vibrant, sustainable garden without sacrificing all your time to maintenance. After all, what’s the point of creating a natural work of art if you don’t get to relax and enjoy it?

Brimming with practical ideas for creating a low-maintenance, eco-friendly garden, this useful A-Z handbook will show you how to
•choose low-maintenance plants to reduce gardening chores;
•conserve water effectively;
•control weeds and pests naturally;
•create nontoxic insecticidal sprays and plant traps;
•determine the beneficial and nonbeneficial companions for each plant;
•extend the lives of potted plants and cut flowers;
•feed the right nutrients to the right plants;
•make gardening supplies for next to nothing;
•mulch using free and readily available ingredients;
•pick the right plant for the right location;
•plant herbs and flowers to attract pollinators and beneficial predators to the garden;
•treat plant diseases and disorders in an ecofriendly fashion;
•use gray water safely and efficiently
And much, much more.

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December 14
Jean B. MacLeod
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