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This addictive and entertaining novel follows Lizzie Richards, a lonely high school senior embroiled in a love triangle that could cost her both her closest friend and her heart.

What readers are saying:

"By balancing the often-confusing themes of growing up with witty, sarcastic humor, Mulligan creates a memorable, insightful work of young adult fiction that will resonate strongly with the teen audience." -- IndieReader.com

“WATCH ME DISAPPEAR is an awesome read, both for YA readers and adults.” – Reader Review

“I found myself quickly absorbed into the life of the main character, Lizzie, and the trials and tribulations of being 17-years-old and trying to adjust to a new life after having moved to Massachusetts the summer before her senior year of high school.” – Goodreads.com Reader Review

Book Description:

Lizzie Richards isn’t excited to be starting over at a new school for her senior year, but she’s trying to take her mother’s advice and make the most of it—the only way she can: By disobeying her strict parents’ rules.

Lizzie’s father has moved the family around every few years to advance his career, so she has never had a chance to develop the kind of “BFF” relationships she thinks most kids have. She’s bracing herself for another lonely year at her third high school when her neighbor Maura gets sick of watching her little brother when she could be partying.

Thanks to Maura’s plotting, Lizzie becomes everyone’s new favorite babysitter. Seeing her opportunity, Lizzie decides to break her mother’s rules by using Maura’s computer to create a secret Email address and Facebook account. She is quickly friended by Missy, a fellow transfer student as eager for a friend as she is.

Things are looking up for Lizzie until Maura’s ex-boyfriend Paul sets his eye on Missy. Caught between her new best friend and the neighbor whose friendship promises instant popularity, Lizzie doesn’t know what to do—because she’s fallen for Paul, too.

Fiction & Literature
November 12
Diane V. Mulligan
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