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Watcher in the Woods is the next gripping installment of #1 bestselling Kelley Armstrong's riveting Casey Duncan series.

The secret town of Rockton has seen some rocky times lately; understandable considering its mix of criminals and victims fleeing society for refuge within its Yukon borders. Casey Duncan, the town's only detective on a police force of three, has already faced murder, arson, and falling in love in the several months that she's lived there. Yet even she didn't think it would be possible for an outsider to locate the town and cause trouble in the place she's come to call home.

When a US Marshal shows up demanding the release of one of the residents, but won't say who, Casey and her boyfriend, Sheriff Eric Dalton, are skeptical. And yet only hours later, the marshal is shot dead and the only possible suspects are the townspeople and Casey's estranged sister, smuggled into town to help with a medical emergency. It's up to Casey to figure out who murdered the marshal, and why someone would kill to keep him quiet—before the killer strikes again.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 5
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

wickster72 ,

I can’t get enough!

I received this ARC for an honest review. I devoured this book. I read it in ONE day. I just love Kelley Armstrong’s “Rockton Series.” I highly recommend to read it in order. This is the fourth book in the series, and I am begging for more!
Casey & Dalton are in Vancouver to find Casey’s sister April. April is a neuroscientist and is very skilled. Casey needs April to help remove a bullet from Kenny’s back in hopes he won’t be paralized. The problem is, April is not very fond of Casey. They have not gotten along their whole life. April is mean & belittled Casey every chance she gets, but unexpectedly April agrees to help but only for 4 days. They sneak April into Rockton by dressing her up in Casey’s clothes.
A little while later, Casey & Dalton someone in the woods. They do not recognize the man. He takes off. Casey & Dalton search for him, but they only find his campsite. When Casey gets homes, she can tell someone is there. Diana comes in & is taken hostage by US Marshall Mark Garcia. He is looking for a fugitive. He won’t tell them who because he doesn’t want to get in the way. They keep trying to keep him out of Rickton, but he came back. When Garcia is being brought to lock up, he gets away. Casey & Dalton hunt him down in the woods. When they find him and try to bring him back, Garcia is shot in the back and killed. Who done it? You have to read it!
I love how Armstrong writes. She does so many twist and turns. She keeps you guessing to the very end. I love her writing style, and I never get tired of her stories.

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