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Forty year-old Nicola Rhys-Jones is a woman in hiding. Fleeing an abusive husband, she finds refuge in Boscastle, a village on the rugged coast of Cornwall, England. Andrew Stratton is an American professor of architectural theory. Shocked out of his academic bubble when his ambitious wife leaves him, he signs up for something tangible: a course in the art of stone wall-building—in Boscastle. 

From the moment they meet, Nicola and Andrew are attracted to each other, but at daggers drawn. Nicola, sexy yet sarcastic, is an expert at fending off men. In Andrew, she meets her match: quick-witted, funny, yet gentle—he gives as good as he gets. When a nine year-old sprite named “Lee” befriends them both, she sees straight through their defensive armor.

What none of them know is that a ferocious storm is brewing, one that could destroy them, and the entire village they call home. And that storm is about to hit.

August 15
Northstar Editions
William Eric Nothdurft

Customer Reviews

Tiggy/Cookie ,

Water, Stone, Heart

Another wonderful book by this author. Plan to read every book he’s written. I have become so invested in these characters and was happy to find he now has them involved in a murder mystery. He has the wonderful ability of describing people and places so well that you feel you are there and that you know his characters. So happy I was offered The Long Walk Home free, or I might have missed out on a wonderful reading experience and a very talented writer.

PushpushStable ,

Water, Stone, Heart

An amazing love story sheltered amidst such beautifully descriptive prose, it leaves the reader longing to walk the footsteps of the characters.

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