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“This book consumed my life and left me speechless, breathless, and questioning everything I ever thought possible.” ~Saints and Sinners Books

“A heart-stopping love story with a dark yet surprisingly unique twist that will leave you craving more.” ~B’s Book Blog


My whole life I’ve wanted nothing more than to fit in.

Only, my whole life I’ve done anything but.

That’s probably because I’m anything but average. After all—female serial killers seem to be a minority in today’s society.

And that’s ok—because I’ve longed for a change for quite some time now.

Which brings me back around to fitting in.

You know what one has to do to fit in?

I do.

One has to blend.

Which is great news!

Because I realize my clock is ticking, so to speak, and now I want a family. Luckily, I’ve always been good at getting what I want.

So I figure what better place to blend than suburbia?

All that stuff I did before—it’s water under the bridge now. I just hope it’s not too late to change my ways. Here’s to hoping for suburbia’s sake, too.

I mean, what are the odds I could be the girl next door?

Apparently, they’re better than you might think.


Your whole life you’ve wanted to fit in. 

Only your whole life you’ve done anything but.

That’s probably because you’re anything but average— you’re a killer— but, then so am I.

You say you’ve longed for a change for quite some time now. 

This is good because, well, me too. 

Your clock is ticking, you want a family, but you waste so much time. 

I know because I’m watching, waiting, blending. 

What you don’t realize is if you want me, and I think you do, then you'll have to change your ways because sometimes hunters become hunted. 

But what are the odds of that happening in suburbia? 

Apparently, they’re better than you might think.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 25
Britney King
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

cb2brown ,

Good read!

I really enjoyed this book and read it over the course of a couple days. I would recommend it, especially to someone who is looking for a twist or change of pace in their romance books. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone wanting to read this book!!!! The flow of the chapters was fun to keep up with. Jude and Kate are perfect for each other, in a beautifully twisted kind of way. Four stars only because there were parts I felt were left out that could have been pushed deeper into.

snipjb ,

Water Under the Bridge

Definitely not what I was expecting. I loved the twists and turns throughout the book. I enjoyed the way each chapter was written from the different characters perspectives. I’m excited to read the next book in this trilogy to see how the characters develop.

Stlfolife ,

Great book !!

Came across this book by accident and I’m glad I did . It was a good read , you actually fall in love with Kate and Jude , even though they are killers and just not right in the head !! Can’t wait to read the next book ...

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