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Kory was having enough trouble in high school. His girlfriend just dumped him, his poetry made him a target for ridicule, and college applications were looming. The very last thing he needed was to fall in love with another boy.

Waterways is the complete novel from award-winning author Kyell Gold that includes his beloved story "Aquifers". 

Join Kory as his feelings and faith collide, washing away the life he knew. His brother Nick, friends Samaki and Malaya, and Father Joe are there to help, but it's Kory who has to navigate the thrills and perils of the new waterways that make up his life.

At stake? Nothing much -- just a chance at true love and happiness. And he still has to graduate from high school...

Fiction & Literature
February 4
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Customer Reviews

R. Augustin A. Chenault ,


This story is definitely the one I have had the closest connection to, out of any novel I have ever read. At the time I read it, I was the same age as the main character and was having similar problems with friends, school, and conservative parents, but I was a little better off than Kory.

The way Kyell writes really captures the reader's mind and heart. He has a knack for creating an enormously heart-jerking situation that then gets resolved on the last page, but it is definitely justified resolution for what happens in his stories. It's too bad Waterways is his only story up here right now.

bren1342 ,


This is amazing, I don’t even like to read and I was hooked in the first 15 pages, once I got to the end I was thrown around like a rollercoaster ride the entire time. I loved it.

Yuukan121 ,

Loved it

Re-Read this recently and it still holds up every bit as much as I remember it. Amazing work!

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