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Christy and Kyle Lansdowne receive a long-lost piece of luggage returned from a cruise vacation from Hell several years prior. Inside, lies the remains of SEAL Team 3 friend and former gym owner, Joseph “Gunny” Hoskins. Their mission was to release his ashes upon the deep blue sea, but their cruise was interrupted by a terrorist takeover of the ship, thwarted by the SEALs on board.

But when the ocean returns him to San Diego in Christy’s cosmetic bag, a new adventure is hatched to give Gunny eternal rest.

Kyle, Christy and their three children embark on another memorial cruise mission, along with several other SEAL families. In paying tribute to the life of a fellow brother-in-arms, they usher in the dawn of a bright new future for them all. As the past is finally buried amid the dangers of the present, the ocean’s giant wheel—the Circle of Life—lives on.

In honoring the irreverent life of one, the bond and commitment of the brothers who remain is strengthened to do battle.

SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy Series is about the original couples in Sharon's popular SEAL Brotherhood Series. It furthers the stories of these couples ten years later, after marriages, children and separations. These are stand alone books, but readers who are unfamiliar with the series would enjoy reading the background stories first.

Recommended reading order: Accidental SEAL, Cruisin' For A SEAL, Watery Grave.

January 26
Frog Haven Press
Sharon Hamilton

Customer Reviews

Lazygran3 ,

Strength and Dedication

I received this ebook ARC from the author on the condition that I write an honest review.
I’ve read several books written by Sharon Hamilton, and this continues her story of Kyle and his Seal team. All of her books have lots of romance, brotherhood, dedication, mystery, and suspense, all of these I enjoy reading.
This particular book was mainly about Kyle and Christy, and their continued romance, and they have become a powerful force of support for the Seal team. Once again they are on a team cruise to spread the ashes of Gunny. Suspicious things are happening on the cruise, and threats to the families are made. Illegal crimes of drug/human trafficking are occurring on board the ship, and of course, the team is involved, with a successful mission.
I will always recommend any book written by Ms Hamilton.

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