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With the wedding only 106 days off, the men in Adara’s life decide to send her family ships to the Hettians known location. Adara fixes a flawed plan to send them off. She negotiates property and payment for the risk her clan must take.

While checking in on the shop keepers on Space Station Zed, Adara discovers Devoe is moving to Castitate colony – a human’s only colony. After training the pilots on the Galway, Adara returns to assist in rescuing a mother and daughter from a stranded mini scout. The mother has been raped and beaten. They are from the Castitate colony. This prompts Franklin to dig deep into the pasts of the founders. He opens a fifteen year old case of a prison fire.

Trainees show up for Adara to assess after a shuttle accident on the Command space station. She assesses and trains them in practical applications of flying.

Rhia, Paul Jovakowski go with the Cloch clan ships and spend time together. Rhia confesses she was raped while with the Dotean clan. Paul protects her, loves her, but she keeps pushing him away.

The Cloch clan ships are attacked while returning from Ravena station. Adara has to choose between rushing to her ships or going after the platform. Her family is at risk and under attack.

Herne is injured during the attack. Before he’ll allow the healer to treat him, he admits to Adara he has a maite saol but because he met her on the Dotean clan ships, he sent her away. She’s been with the Terra clan but he wants to make sure she and his twin sons are cared for if he doesn’t make it.

Decker and Adara field demands from his mother about the proper way to have a wedding. Decker puts his foot down on how his mother treats Adara telling her to be nice or lose them both.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 27
Eileen Troemel
Smashwords, Inc.

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