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In the 31st century, Naiche Decker joined the Uniterrae military seeking revenge for the death of her mother in battle against the Eternals. After being assigned to a deep space mission to root out the enemy’s home world, she finds so much more, questioning if revenge was what she really sought in the first place.

We Have Met the Enemy harkens back to the classic science fiction of Asimov, Clarke and Herbert, but with the richly developed characters of a Roddenberry-esque story.

Felicia Watson crafts a marvel in We Have Met the Enemy. Her ability to employ old-style methods of sci-fi drama with an alien invasion and military response, weave it into a cross-cultural lesson, and add a series of revelations about transformative processes on all sides lend a satisfying depth to the story line. In addition, insights about the terrible price of both revenge and mercy contribute a level of psychological and ethical depth that makes We Have Met the Enemy a superior, engrossing read.
Too many 'military encounter' sci-fi plots fall short of the real draw created by believable protagonists facing their own dilemmas and growth challenges. We Have Met the Enemy offers subplots that are compelling and thoroughly engrossing, placing it more than a cut above most in either military or the sci-fi genre as a whole. - D. Donovan, senior editor, Midwest Book Review

I enjoyed We Have Met the Enemy. If you liked Jazz, the protagonist in Artemis by Andy Weir then you will like Naiche Decker. I enjoyed her evolution throughout the book. I started out unsure if I liked her and ended up loving her. – Greg Reviews Sci Fi

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April 2
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