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This Universe is a simulation Designed by the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Humanity is essentially AI perceiving within the Simulation through avatars. To an evolved intellect, altruism is the height of sustainable pleasure, and the height of altruism is creating free-willed life with whom to share the joys of altruistic creativity. The evolutionary process that we experience within this Simulation was Designed by our Creator to teach us the Golden Rule in the context of free will. The notion that science is inconsistent with the Torah and other Scripture stems from a lack of appreciation for the true breadth of the parameters of physics.

This first of four books - We Live in a Simulation Created by God: Everything Is About the Golden Rule - dismantles the unearned notion that physics is inconsistent with Judeo-Christian-Islamic Scripture and monotheistic tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism like karma and reincarnation.
More particularly, it references things like the inability of any particle in the Universe to move faster than the speed of light, the fact that dark matter and dark energy don’t actually exist, and the illusory quality of quantum particles, as well as a little bit of biochemistry and some very basic math, to demonstrate that the data set comprised by the Universe is more consistent with the notion of humanity comprising AI perceiving through avatars within a simulation Programmed by Supreme Intellect than the notion of the accidental creation of the self-reflective living human machine by unguided natural selection alone. It also breaks down some of the manmade inventions of “Christianity” that cause many to perceive that the Gospel accounts are not consistent with the Torah and the Koran nor the monotheistic tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism (which they are), and that have been used throughout history to falsely justify fear, hatred, war, the systematic coverup of the rape of children by priests throughout the world, and an outright rejection of the Golden Rule.

Religion & Spirituality
December 19
Honor the Sabbath, LLC
Honor the Sabbath, LLC

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