Wealth Management 2.0 Wealth Management 2.0

Wealth Management 2.0

Financial Education for Internet Professionals

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I've always found it ridiculous that millions upon millions of individuals earn a living online, yet nobody thought about writing a book which teaches those people how to manage their money properly. Therefore, I've decided to roll up my sleeves and write one myself.

Why? Simply because I also earn a living on the Internet and have been doing it since... well, since pretty much forever. Aside from that, I'm an economist and this unique (or feel free to call it weird) combination of street smarts and book smarts puts me in a reasonably good position to help people enhance the wealth they've generated online.

If you earn a living online in one way or another (as a freelancer, as an online entrepreneur, as an indie author, as a domain investor, as a bitcoin early adopter, as an online trader, as a website flipper, as an online marketer and so on) or at least generate a significant percentage of your revenue online and want to find out how to manage your money wisely, this book is just what the doctor ordered.

Throughout my career, I've been involved in a lot of different dimensions of the online world. I've been a freelancer. I've run an outsourcing business. I've invested in domains, offered domain brokerage services and even started an auction platform for domain names. I've started an escrow business, which has been sold to Agreed.com, which was then sold to Escrow.com... and which was ultimately sold to Freelancer.com. I even owned three Web hosting businesses. All in all, it's fairly safe to say I've seen the Internet under the hood, so to speak. Frankly, I'd say finding someone who understands those who make money on the Internet better than yours truly would be quite a challenge. No matter what it is you currently do online, chances are I've at least dabbled in it.

As an economist, I consider myself well-balanced. I'm not a Keynesian. I'm not an Austrian Economist either. Nor do I blindly adhere to Monetarism. Unlike a lot of "guru economists" out there, I don't claim to be able to predict the future. In fact, I actually embrace this limitation (and make no mistake, we all have it: nobody on this planet can predict the future in an accurate and consistent manner) and make it a part of my wealth management approach.

Will this book help you double your wealth in a month?

No, it will not.

Is it an "easy way out"-type book?

I'm sorry but no.

Wealth Management 2.0 is not an easy fix, nor is it a sleazy "one size fits all" approach that sounds good but has zero real world applicability. It's a common sense guide which, if used properly, can and will help you enhance your wealth in a sustainable manner.

Writing the 450+ pages of Wealth Management 2.0 took over two years of blood, sweat, tears and sanity. I'm a perfectionist. I could have launched this book a lot sooner but didn't. It wasn't ready and I wasn't about to put my signature on a product I don't believe in 100%. It is most definitely ready now and to say I believe in it 100% would be the understatement of the century. This book means so much to me that a statement such as "I believe in it 100%" seems way too diluted.

Whether people realize it or not, wealth management was, is and always will be a fundamental part of our existence. Make no mistake, all of those sayings about how keeping your money is harder than making it are definitely anchored in reality. The idea of managing your wealth may sound complicated but it fortunately isn't.

Wealth management is lucrative, fascinating and (dare I say it) fun: give Wealth Management 2.0 a chance and I'm confident you'll end up agreeing with me!

Business & Personal Finance
July 5
Andrei Polgar
Andrei Polgar

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