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The countries of East Angelia and Aveneaux are poised on the brink of war.

Black leopard shifter and Menagerie Agent, Gideon Aldridge has been assigned by Headquarters to retrieve pieces of an experimental weather machine rumored to alter or exacerbate natural weather patterns. In this time of growning tensions with Aveneaux, one small spark could escalate to full scale war. The Agency wishes to safeguard any device that might be used as a potential weapon. A weather machine in the wrong hands can be devestating. A slippery criminal gang moves one step ahead of Gideon, collecting the pieces of the machine before he can secure them. It's a trail that leads to the very bosom of society.

Olivia Brass lives a double life. As the notorious newspaper reporter Alfred J. Applebaum, she has made it her mission in life to expose the Menagerie and the secret agenda they execute to keep East Angelians under their collective thumbs. No one knows better than she how the Agency can destroy the lives of private citizens. She's seen it happen with the death of her family, forcing her to make a living for hersler and support her brother, who has been locked in asylums most of his adult life--another crime she lays at the Menagerie's feet. A chance meeting in a science and novelty shop will change Olivia's life forever, as an unexpected benefactor, Gideon, offers to help her with securing medical care for her beloved brother.

When a local landmark is blown into the Taming River, accusations point to Olivia, leveled by the very man she's come to love and trust. Gideon will stop at nothing to reclaim all the pieces of the weather machine and bring the conspirators to justice, even if that means arresting the only woman he's ever loved.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 4
Mystic Kat Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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