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Laura has been married to Kevin for several years, but Jessica is her real love. Now Jessica plans to change their dynamic, and become her true dominant. This weekend getaway is going to change their entire relationship forever!
~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
I was in a loving relationship with Jessica, but I’d been married to Kevin for a while. It had been a marriage of convenience really. He understood that I was committed to Jessica. I loved him, but only as a best friend, not romantically. We did, however, mutually benefit from our marital arrangements. My parents took good care of us with some of their wealth. They’d also stopped hassling me about my love for Jessica, which they thought was just a phase.
As close as Kevin and I were, Jessica was my real Dominant. I had always thought she was hot. Despite the fact that I hadn’t been out with other women before, Jessica had, so she of course led the way. I thought the most I’d get out of this would be some hot, naughty affair with a gorgeous, sexy woman. But I was hooked! You have no idea how beautiful she was. She is blonde with long, luscious locks of hair. Large, firm, inviting breasts. I would die to have her cleavage. It casts a spell, you can’t take your eyes off them. She has the dreamiest, most alluring bedroom blue eyes I had ever seen. She’s fit in all the right places and has just the right amount of soft, round curves in the others. She oozes sexuality. I had assumed it would be just a temporary fling, because Jessica was insatiable.
After six months of dating she moved in us. It was then, when I realized how much she was longing for some strange action again. I was sure that she was going to break up with me. I was desperate, yet in the end, incredibly fortunate. She suggested that I join in on the action. She was a natural Dominant, a real take charge type of gal. She discovered my natural submissiveness and I discovered her love of control.
The more she had me do, the more we both learned the depths of our mutual desires. I was made to do the naughtiest of things and the more humiliating the experiences, the more explosive the climaxes were. It was a quick and intense discovery. I would literally do anything or anyone she asked. But we both wanted more. I needed to feel the humiliating burn from doing the unthinkable. She loved embarrassing me. She loved forcing and using me at her whim.
The sexual fantasies and our experimenting in BDSM had just intensified the lust between the two of us.
After my wedding and two week honeymoon with Kevin, I came back home to a jealous and very demanding Jessica. There was also the complicated dominant/submissive dynamic we had going on. I understood the uneasiness she had about the whole thin. So to reaffirm my love for her, I took to calling her Mistress, and she loved it!
That brought us to our weekend together. It had been the longest stretch we’d been away from one another since we first got together. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other once I returned.
So that’s why we had decided that we needed a trip of our own, just the two of us. Jessica decided that a trip to the coast and a weekend at the beach would do us both some good. Jessica was ready, and so was I.
However, she was determined to set the future tone for our relationship that weekend. From that point on, she would begin to establish her hold over me, her dominance. From that point on, I was also to address her as Mistress and that was just the beginning.
That weekend would change our entire relationship forever!
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February 23
Boruma Publishing
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