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Why is there so much confusion between them?

Well I am going to do my best to unravel the confusing mysteries between the three, and of course say things that need to be said in order to apply the proper techniques to attaining all of them not just one or two of them.

Simplifying things is what I do, and I truly believe that by the time you are finished reading this you will have an understanding as to just how simple things really should be.

I say that things should be simple, but of course I know that out in the real world trying to attain weight loss of any kind is not ever as easy as it seems on paper. The human body is like a great big slow moving ship. It takes time and patience to get that huge ship to turn course and head in the right direction towards optimum health and eventually weight loss if that is your goal.

But this should not be a discouragement, this should be motivation to get on the correct course and stay there in order to not let yourself veer off yet again in the wrong direction.

This book is written with weight loss motivation the right way as its main objective.

*Diet fads
*Weight loss pills or powders
*Exercise fads
*Material that has been copy and pasted 100x over

All of these things are for the birds and the only time that you will find them in any of my books is when I am laughing and mocking them.

I welcome both men and women as always to come and join in on this conversation inside of this book as we have got some great subjects being discussed such as:

*Do men and women view weight loss topics differently?:
*We are fat storing machines:
*But fat cells are greedy stingy little bastards.
*Body Mass Index Bologna:
*Metabolic damage, does it exist? And if it does how does it affect the body's ability to "burn fat"?:
*The obsession with more fat consumption = more fat loss????
*Macronutrient addiction:
*Here is an example of a good addiction vs. a bad addiction that doesn't specifically have to do with food:
*So what is the difference between water weight loss and fat loss?:
*Let's chew the fat for a minute:

And many other subjects as well.

This book is part of a series of books on how to be your own nutritionist. This is one of my many goals in writing books on the subjects of health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness.

Something that I really want everyone to know and I am becoming more aware of the fact that I need to keep stressing this is that men and women do not need to be eating differently just for the sake of being a man or a woman. This is something that has been embedded in many peoples brains since birth and is completely false.

This is something that holds both men and women back in making progress in their health as men tend to feel as if they need to eat more of a manlier meat and potatoes type of way, while women tend to feel as if they need to eat less food just because they are women.

Once again I invite you to scroll back up to the top and click that orange button and join in on yet another conversation on the topic of weight loss and overall health and well being. As always, be prepared to read something a little different than the norm and keep your mind opened to new things.

I will talk to you on the inside!
Carpe Diem

Health, Mind & Body
October 7
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