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“The ultimate all-in-one guide to becoming a great leader.”—Daniel Pink

From the creator and host of The Learning Leader Show, “the most dynamic leadership podcast out there” (Forbes) that will “help you lead smarter” (Inc.), comes an essential tactical guide for newly promoted managers.

Every year, millions of top performers are promoted to management-level jobs—only to discover that the tactics that got them promoted are not the tactics that will make them effective in their new role. In Welcome to Management, Ryan Hawk provides practical, actionable advice and tools designed to ensure that transition is a successful one.

He presents a new actionable three-part framework distilled from best practices drawn from in-depth interviews with over 300 of the most forward-thinking leaders around the world, as well as his own professional experience going from exceptional individual producer to new leader. Learn how to:

• lead yourself: build skills and earn credibility. Compliance can be commanded, but commitment cannot. People reserve their full capacity for emotional commitment for leaders they find credible, and credibility must be earned.

• build your team: develop a healthy and sustainable culture of mutual trust and respect that creates cohesion. This includes effective hiring and firing practices.

• lead your team: set a clear strategy and vision for your team, communicate effectively, and ultimately drive the results the organization is counting on your team to deliver.

Through case studies, hundreds of interviews, and personal stories, the book will help high performers make the leap from individual contributor to manager with greater ease, grace, courage, and effectiveness. Welcome to management!

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January 28
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Customer Reviews

Gplemmi ,

The Book I needed 8 years ago

Ryan Hawk just produced the book I needed 8 years ago. During my college years, I
played 4 years of college tennis and after my senior year, I was offered an assistant coach
position at the same school. It was a very tough transition because I went from an individual
contributor to leading some of my teammates in a matter of months.
Ryan draws examples from his podcast and personal experience to explain how
someone can face this transition period in their careers and feel adequate to handle it
effectively. He starts the book with how one can start leading oneself, then he moves to how
one can build an efficient team. And he finishes with how one can lead the team in an powerful,
meaningful and productive way.
Lastly, I wanted to mention his “Acknowledgment Section”. Ryan has said many times in
his podcast that when he picks up a book, the first thing he does is read the Acknowledgment
Section. He does that, because in that section he can see who were the people that influenced
the writer the most in his life. Ryan’s “Acknowledgement Section” is one of the most thought
out and detailed section I have ever read. I wish he would write a book just about the people he
acknowledged in his book.
If you are an individual contributor now but has aspirations to move up to a
management position, or you are already in a leadership position: read this book! It will give you
so many insights that you could start preparing for or using on day 1!