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Qurilixen World - First in Series 6 Book Box Set

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Welcome to Qurilixen - A great way to try Michelle M. Pillow's Bestselling Qurilixen World series! 

This six book box set includes first-in-series books from the bestselling collection.

The Qurilixen World is an extensive collection of science fiction and paranormal romance novels by award-winning NYT Bestselling author, Michelle M. Pillow. Note: Each book and each series can stand alone.

Dragon Lords Series: Barbarian Prince

Dragon Shapeshifter Romance - The original Dragon Lords series' Anniversary Edition

Once mated, these shifters will do anything to protect the women they love!

With over 1,000 five-star Goodreads ratings: When reporter Morrigan takes an undercover assignment on a foreign planet, she ends up the accidental bride of a dragon shifter. Prince Ualan is determined to honor the marriage — but first, he’ll have to tame the tempestuous beauty! (BookBub)

Lords of the Var Series: The Savage King

Cat-Shifter Romance - Book one of the bestselling series

Cat-shifting King Kirill knows he must do his royal duty by his people. When his father unexpectedly dies, it’s his destiny to take the throne and all of the responsibility that entails. What he hadn’t prepared for is the troublesome female prisoner he inherited.

Undercover Agent Ulyssa is no man’s captive. Trapped in a primitive alien forest awaiting pickup, she’s going to make the best out of a bad situation… which doesn’t include falling for the seductions of an alpha male king.

Dynasty Lords Series: Seduction of the Phoenix

Science Fiction, Fantasy Romance 

A prince raised in honor and tradition, a woman raised with nothing at all. She wants to steal their most sacred treasure. He’ll do anything to protect it, even if it means marrying a thief.

Space Lords Series: His Frost Maiden 

Science Fiction Space Pirate Romance 

These space pirates sail the high skies looking for adventure, and a woman to end their curse.

Lady Josselyn of the House of Craven has been betrayed. With her home world on a Florencian moon under attack and her family dead, she finds herself at the mercy of the one who deceived them. There is only one thing left to do—die with honor. But before she can join her family in the afterlife, she must first avenge all that she held dear. Falling in love with a pirate was never in the plan. Evan and his thieving crewmates might have delayed her fate, but they can’t stop destiny.

Captured by a Dragon-Shifter Series: Determined Prince

Dragon Shapeshifter Romance

Dragonshifter Prince Kyran has studied the Earth people and is ready to assimilate. Female shifters are all but going extinct on his planet of Qurilixen, and his people are desperate for mates—so much so they’re taking matters into their own hands. What better place to find a mate than Earth? After all, dragon-shifters had come from there centuries ago. Surely a human female would be honored to be selected by one as fine and fierce as himself.

Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides Series: Spark

Alien Romance

Earth women better watch out. Things are about to heat up.

Mining ash on a remote planet where temperatures reach hellish degrees doesn't leave Kal (aka Spark) much room for dating. Lucky for this hard-working man, a new corporation Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides is ready to help him find the girl of his dreams. Does it really matter that he lied on his application and really isn’t looking for long term, but rather some fast action? Earth women better watch out. Things are about to heat up.


Praise For Qurilixen World

5 Stars! "I love Michelle M Pillow's Qurilixen world! It's a while since I read any of these books - but I have read them all and absolutely loved them! They're a great guilty pleasure read for me but any paranormal romance fan will love them." Laura Greenwood, USA Today Bestselling Author of Paranormal, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy Romance (2019)

5 Stars! "Michelle M Pillow books just keep getting better & better!" Kristin Chontelle, One Woman's Opinion (2010)

5 Stars! "Oh, I loved this box set especially being the first books in 6 different series but they are all within the same world and wow what an amazing world Michelle M Pillow has built I absolutely love her imagination I can't wait to read more." Elisa, Bookbub (2020)

About Qurilixen World Novels

The Qurilixen World is an extensive collection of paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction romance novels by award-winning author, Michelle M. Pillow, and includes several series installments: Dragon Lords, Lords of the Var®, Space Lords, Captured by a Dragon-shifter, Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, Dynasty Lords, Qurilixen Lords, and more.

January 2
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Michelle M. Pillow

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