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"Insightful and profound." - Dr James R Doty

When Dr Mary Gunn was diagnosed with cancer, her first reaction was fear, and to fight the disease aggressively for the sake of not only herself but her young children and husband. But when it came back – and turned out to be incurable – she knew that she couldn't live the rest of her life in fear.

Mary embraced a new approach to life: to accept all the joy and sorrow, safety and danger, certainty and unpredictability... in essence, to live freely. In our uncertain times, when it's difficult not to feel the fear, Dr Mary Gunn's remarkable memoir offers mindfulness tools for resilience, and shows how we can all use acceptance, compassion and love to live courageously, magnificently.

Backed up by many years of experience as both a doctor and a patient, her story will inspire you to let go of fear, love life and live well.

"[Well] will surely be helpful to anybody with a serious illness or, indeed, anybody affected by chronic fear." Richard Smith, British Medical Journal

"An insightful, compassionate account of living WELL in the shadow of death; a book for everyone by an inspiring woman." Professor Liz Grant, Director of the Global Health Academy, University of Edinburgh

"A poignant yet heart-warming account of a journey – at times over very challenging terrain – told with honesty, humour, and wisdom … Profound, selfless, and uplifting, this book … [is] not only a must-read for doctors and health care professionals, [but] for anyone who wants to live well." Stewart Mercer, Professor of Primary Care Research, University of Glasgow

"I am very glad to have met such a strong and positive person who has always been eager and willing to take whatever positive advice I have been able to give. Mary's strongly positive mind has given her the ability to deal with the difficulties of ongoing sickness with calm and joy. I am quite sure that her book will give inspiration and encouragement to many." Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, Abbot of Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Eskdalemuir

"Reading a person's story of living with cancer for more than twenty years, you expect sadness and frustration – but Well is testimony to the fact that another response is possible. … There are other ways to live when faced with adversity, of any nature, and this book is a gentle guide, with humanity shining through." Iona Jones, Medical student (Glasgow)

"This book is valuable for anyone from cancer patient to healthcare professional or someone looking to escape fear and find meaning in life." Rosie Morrison, Marie Curie hospice nurse

"Beautifully written, sensitive, and totally captivating … full of good sense, and very supportive to anyone going through bad times." Dr Dorothy Logie, founder Scottish Borders Africa Aids Group

"What is most special about this book is that its subject matter is wider and deeper than the usual books about cancer. To me 'Well' is about being alive, and about how to accept the inevitability of dying, some day. Mary shares her insights generously and wisely and her book has helped me be clearer and braver in finding my own path beyond cancer." Emma Parker

September 21
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