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Never have young women been more under siege from the modern world, with pressure to look, feel and be physically and mentally perfect. Many are struggling to live up to the role models dictated by social media, from eating right to forming proper relationships and wearing the right clothes, and increasing number of teenage girls and young women are experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. This book explores how to keep resilient and buoyant in an imperfect, real life. It presents tools for coping with heartbreak and setbacks, for learning and working, and for hanging on to your self-worth and your mojo at all costs! Topics include:
What is mental wellbeing?
Anxiety, panic disorders, depression
Relationships and sex
Body image and self-esteem
Nutrition and diets
Exercise and a healthy body
How to fight your corner
If you need therapy, and other help
Crises and coping strategies

Renowned writer and broadcaster Emma Woolf says: `Facebook can be fun but it?s not reality. We know that social media creates intense pressure to portray the perfect lifestyle - your beautiful bikini-body, protein-packed smoothies after your pre-dawn workout, romantic dinner cooked by your boyfriend, stunning selfies with flawless make-up, yoga on the beach at sunset, and so on. For the majority of young women, living normal lives, this kind of filter-fabulous lifestyle is simply not achievable. This book shows how to break the cycle of compare-and-despair perpetuated by social media, and shows how it is possible to be thin enough, fit enough, and successful in what matters: family, relationships, study, careers, positivity and self-confidence, aspiration and achievement, helping others, staying mentally and physically well.?

Health, Mind & Body
March 7
John Murray Press
Hachette Digital, Inc.

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