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West For Love

A Mail Order Romance Novel

Shamed for not birthing a child with her wealthy husband, Anna Stewbren can no longer face her family and the disappointment that they wear on their faces daily.  After her husband forces her into divorce, Anna travels to town and reads a heartbreaking letter from a wet nurse in Kansas, seeking a mail order bride for the widower she works for. She instantly knows it is the answer to her prayers...


Josephine has a God given gift to nurture the infants of widowers and the wealthy who would rather not feed their own children.  Never before has she met a man like Thomas who so deserves a second chance at love.  When she pens a letter to a newspaper in Massachusetts, she does so without permission...


Thomas Calhor is a hardworking man, generous to those around him, and a loving father.  However, he is broken and lost without his wife, who did not survive childbirth.  His reaction to Josephine's letter even surprises himself and begins a journey that will forever change many lives…


Arriving in Kansas brings Anna more challenges than she ever expected to find, but through love, honor, marriage, and a shocking secret that will forever keep her with Thomas proves that in romance, anything can happen…

November 3
Hundred to Home Publishing LLC
Hundred to Home Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

SalseraMari ,

Anna Finally Happy

Good story, but I would have like to see Anna with her family and for that jerk William to see that he was the one with the issue just to teach him a lesson and the whole town to look at him as worthless.

Montanafilly73 ,

Absolutely wonderful love story

I couldn’t put it down. Wish there was a follow up about Jo and Abigail’s lives. But well written, sweet and full of love & blessings. I highly recommend it.

Jeanne Donahue ,

West for Love

This is a warm story of love, broken dreams, newer realized dreams, and most of all hope. It is a very uplifting novel showing that if Anna can find happiness, a mere mortal such as myself can dare hope. Thank you!