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Winner of Purple Dragonfly Book Award
Endorsed by OCTA, Oregon-California Trails Association
Endorsed by The End of The Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City

Who better to narrate the story of the Oregon Trail than the arrogant but lovable ox pulling the covered wagon from Missouri to Oregon? Ollie Ox, and his yoke mate, Herb, describe quite an adventure as they cross vast expanses of rugged, inhospitable wilderness and treacherous, rushing rivers in extreme weather and constantly changing conditions.

The Westward Migration along the Oregon Trail during the 19th century is one of the most important events in American history. It is estimated that 500,000 people made the trek from Missouri to Oregon. Of that number, about 40,000 were children.

Ollie Ox narrates the story in a manner emphasizing traits such as responsibility, loyalty, tenacity, and commitment. And he accomplishes all of this while making the reader smile. Quite a feat for a 2000 pound ox.

Beautiful color illustrations, photographs, and paintings bring the Oregon Trail and the beauty of the American West to life.

Young Adult
May 3
MDCT Publishng
Melanie Richardson Dundy
Grades 4 and Above

Customer Reviews

Baba's grandson ,


While I thought I bought this book to help educate my family it turned out to be an indispensible and easy to use reference for myself. This little gift of a book is an indispensible and necessary addition for any family. I promise that you will be surprised the confidence it provides you in your daily business communication. There is no better grammar book on the market.

Exwolfhound ,

Very good book

A fun read for the kids. Pictures and illustrations are wonderful and add a lot of interest. Going to take a vacation trip along the Oregon Trail this summer and this book will help our kids understand the hardships and conditions the pioneers experienced and the significance of their exploits.

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