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Western Trail Adventures has over 50 trail stories that include severe weather situations, wild animals, unpredictable circumstances, out of control animals and people, dude ranch mayhem, a girl's journey to find a new home, and broken parts and foolish ideas.

The first section, titled “Raw Power of the Elements,” is divided into chapters labeled earth, wind, fire, water, ice, snow, and fog.

In “Earth” are three stories of horses and riders and their struggles against the elements. The three “Wind” stories are about riders faced with falling trees in the northwest. The “Fire” stories include a campfire that was not properly put out and two friends on their horses that save the forest from burning. The first of four “Water” stories is of two daredevil riders that make a terrible choice to cross a river, almost drowning a horse. The second is lighthearted tale about a willful horse and a rider that ends up in a ice cold creek. The third tale is about a serious mistake by a rider that chooses to cross a swollen river on his mule, his pack animal gets swept away. The fourth story is about the deadly flash floods of the desert, the trail riders get stuck in the middle of a flood and live to tell about it.

The second section of the book is about “Wild Animals” and includes encounters on horseback with a mountain lion, there are ten rattlesnake stories one of which is about a trail dog that gets bitten, there are five stories of bear encounters while on horseback, a tale of a wasp nest and how a rider gets a face full of wasps, and a heartwarming tale of two baby domestic animals left in the wild and how they get rescued.

The “Unpredictable Circumstances” stories include; two wire stories where horses get tripped by hidden fencing wire, the bite and sprain story is about a trail rider on a camping trip in Oregon and has nothing but bad luck. The next story is of a young horse that is being ridden on a railroad track to avoid an attack by nesting geese, but a train is coming and the rider needs to make a tough decision to dismount at a full gallop onto a tree. Another story is of a horse and rider that are a long way from help and the horse gets sick on the trail. One story is about a pony that catches sleeping sickness and dies. The final tale is of a mule, she has very strange behavior towards other animals.

The “Naughty people” stories are of a flasher that stocks a female horseback rider across the desert for miles. The next story is about a strange encounter that two trail riders are faced with, an angry ranger on a state trail makes trouble for the women.

The “Mexican hat ranch” story is a five part account of a dude ranch that two young sisters work at. The two girls get their first job at the ranch, they meet the mean ex-con that works as a wrangler, one girl buy a foal to raise, they attend a wild party, and lastly a rape takes place at the ranch.

“The armed and dangerous” chapter is about a girl on her own that is camping with her horse and dogs in the deep woods. A man who threatens her and her dogs gets in her way, she is a force to be reckoned with because she is armed.

“Broken parts and foolish ideas” are stories about broken horse tack and one tale is about a drunken rider. Another story is about a cowgirl that has gone riding by herself in the high desert. She discovers her truck has no brakes and she is headed down a steep grade to a major highway. It is a tale of fear and power.

“The journey home” is a 10-part story of a girl traveling over four states to find a new home. She has all she owns in the back of her truck and her horse is in the trailer. She is faced with cutting her leg to the bone, a mechanical problem, meeting nice and not-so-nice strangers, re-connecting with old friends, camping in the wilderness alone, and encounters with wild animals. Finally, she finds a new home where she feels comfortable and happy.

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January 19
Josie Rusho
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