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Weston was at an impasse in his life, after hearing about his unknown daughter, who’d already been adopted by another family. Only the father had since passed away… So … accepting the mission to track down the missing, blind-in-one-eye, limping war dog named Shambhala—in Alaska—was exactly where he needed to be to sort out this other issue in his life. Finding the dog turned out to be easier than Weston had expected, but sorting out how and why this dog’s owner’s had been murdered was something else again.

Now a widower, Danielle knew her daughter also needed a father, so she’d contacted Weston, not sure if he even knew of the baby’s existence. When he said he was on the way, she was concerned at what she’d started and that emotion then turned to terror when Sari’s birth mother showed up at Danielle’s doorstep, looking for her daughter again.

Things turn ugly when Weston’s war dog investigation impacts his daughter’s life and her new mother. He must do something, or everything he’s finally found will be lost.

June 16
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

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777sails ,


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This is a great addition to the series. I loved the plot. Weston goes to Alaska to not only check in on Shambhala, a War Dog who has gone missing, but to see his daughter. The daughter that he didn't know about until after his one-night stand gave her up for adoption. The woman who adopted Sari, after she found out who the father was, called him to come to Alaska to see his 18 month old daughter.

This was a wonderful story that was told in a dual POV format. I really like reading both of the characters' thoughts. It helps me to identify and connect with them so much better. The story was so good that I stayed up late to finish it.
I just had to see how all the different mysteries would be solved. I was sad to see this one end. I was really ready to continue on with their story.

If you love military romance (and really who doesn't!) and a strong female, a baby and a K-9, then this story is one that is a must. Now there was a slightly sexy scene. It was highly glossed over so it should not offend anyone but I can only highly recommend this story to someone OVER the age of 18.

Scmone ,


I don’t know how she does it but this book really held my attention. I love how Weston’s daughter Sari and the rescue dog took to each other so well and all the suspense between the characters.i highly recommend this book

Jmoms ,

Oh Weston

Weston takes us to Alaska. He has a daughter that was adopted unknowingly. He goes to meet her and to check on a war dog that is also blind in one eye and has gone missing.
Daniela took in Sari and loves her as her own and wants her to know Weston.
Weston has the job of finding the dog and getting to know his daughter and her bio mom starts trouble.
Will the child find happiness?

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