Wet and Reckless

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She’s a walking, talking disturbance of his peace…

When former Navy SEAL West Donovan trades covert ops for small-town cop, he craves calm and order. Rescuing a sexy, law-bending hitchhiker during a rainstorm raises his gut-level trouble detector—plus a few things south of his gut—into the red zone. He vows to help this particular tumbleweed find her way and keep it professional, but when she becomes his downstairs neighbor, professionalism is sorely tested. He’s got red lingerie infiltrating his laundry, sultry songs invading his bedroom, and suddenly he’s the one in need of rescue.

Aspiring singer/songwriter Roxy Goodhart ventures to Bluelick, Kentucky to outrun her latest mistake. It’s a doozy, involving a lying ex-manager, a dire lack of cash, and a teensy bit of grand larceny. Landing in the long, strong, entirely too tempting arms of the law is no way to keep a low profile while she re-builds her “L.A. or bust” fund. Taking an apartment that—oops—puts her under West…er...in his path every day doesn’t help. Testing his impressive reserve is beyond reckless, but she’d love to test it…all…night…long.

Each book in the Private Pleasures series is STANDALONE:
* Private Practice
* Light Her Fire
* Falling for the Enemy
* Wet and Reckless
* Undercover Engagement

May 10
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,


It's been awhile since I've read this author and I'm not sure why I've waited so long. I can say 100% that this author really knows how to write sexy scenes. You could feel the heat with every encounter between Roxy and West. That alone makes this book worth the read, but there is so much more you get with this book. The setting is in a small town in Kentucky, so that brings you all sorts of side characters to fall in love with. You also get the previous couples from the other books in this series. Even with that, you can easily read this as a standalone. Overall, I just found this to be a really good read and it makes me want to read more from the author.

KSP91301 ,

Love this Series!

It’s been a while since we last visited, but things are just as hot & steamy as ever in Samanthe Beck’s little town of Bluelick, KY. And the weather is pretty warm too. Wooooah... Roxy and West make one deliciously hot couple.

Like the townspeople, I immediately felt protective of Roxanne “Roxy” Goodhart. Despite her unconventional, somewhat nomadic upbringing and the misfortunes she’s suffered, she’s remained positive and sweet. Goodhart is the perfect name, because Roxy has a genuinely good heart. Almost too good. When the talented singer/songwriter doesn’t feel she can, I was ready to fight the wrongs being done to her and anxious to see her realize the dreams.

Protectiveness isn’t the strongest emotion that West Donovan felt towards Roxy. The former Seal and transplanted big city cop is all about law and order. Roxy Goodhart disturbs his order somethin’ fierce and tempts his iron control like no other woman ever has. Neither stand a chance against her determination to enjoy the sexy deputy during her brief stay in Bluelick before she moves on.

Wet and Reckless is a typical Samanthe Beck book in that the story line is unique and absorbing, the heat level is scorching, and the secondary characters are scene stealers who burrow into your heart just as much as the main characters. I was hooked and invested from the couple’s meet cute in the opening scene.

One of my favorite things about going back to Bluelick is catching up with my favorite characters from the previous books. While my absolute favorite isn’t featured, I did get lots of time with her man and several of the other fun characters. Honorable mention goes to two of the secondary cast who, likely intended to be comic relief, were just adorable in their country ineptness.

Dare I hope another installment to this series is on the horizon? Unless I’m way off base – and please lie to me if I am – a future heroine, hero, and storyline were setup. All sound like a perfectly amazing badazz couple in an action-packed story that I’m already anticipating.

I thoroughly enjoyed this newest addition to the Private Pleasures series. Wet and Reckless can absolutely be read as a standalone without losing any of its charm. Although I highly recommend reading the previous books because the entire series is highly entertaining.

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