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I’ve always been Miranda Phillips, the town pariah. Growing up with neglectful parents, having sought attention from all the guys that were willing to give it to me, I wasn't the most well-behaved kid in Lone Star. Not to mention all of the juvenile delinquent acts I’ve committed in my past. 

But now I am Lone Star’s only reporter and I’ve come a long way from being that lost, troubled girl, even if most of the town still judged me for it. I don’t allow anyone to get in the way of what I want. Including Ryan John. So when I corner him in a dark hallway and get him to succumb to the sizzling attraction between us, I know I’m playing with fire.


Even though I’ve successfully avoided her for two months, I haven't forgotten how she tastes or what she feels like in my arms. And when I get sent a mysterious letter from some company wanting to buy my thousand shares of water rights that have been in my family for over a hundred years, I’m convinced that there is no one…err, better equipped, to help me than Lone Star's reporter, Miranda Phillips. 

I know how desperately she wants me and this letter gives me all the reason I need to spend one night with the girl from the wrong side of town. One night in exchange for her tight investigative skills. And believe me, she's tight, in more ways than one. One night. Because Miranda is trouble and being on the city council, as well as guardian to my younger brother and sister, means I can't afford trouble. 

Even if it comes packaged just the way I like.

December 26
Ashley Bostock
Ashley Bostock

Customer Reviews

Fongoul ,


Loved this book! So many twists and turns keeping you interested in knowing how it all ends. Could not put it down!

bh313@hotmail ,

Great read

This was a very good read for me coming from a new to me author. I will definitely be looking for more from her. The writing was good and the characters were unique and intriguing.

Miranda was the town wild child in her younger days and earned herself quite a reputation. Being the daughter of two neglectful parents set her on this path. She's different now. She's worked hard to make something of herself but the little town of Lone Star isn't quick to forgive and give her another chance. Then there is Ryan, wonderful loved Ryan who seems determined to ignore the flare of attraction between them. But he needs her help unraveling a mystery and she only wants one thing in return. Him!

This is one I would recommend to everyone.

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