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A hot new rock star romance from USA Today bestselling author Blair Babylon

Music is a bitch mistress.

Getting the job as a backup singer in the breakout rock band Killer Valentine is the chance of a lifetime for curvy, redheaded Rhiannon Macallen. She has spent every moment of the last five years preparing for her shot at the spotlight with a breakneck schedule of music lessons, band performances, and voice coaching that has consumed every second of her life and every penny from her poverty-level part-time job.

The contract she signs has an ironclad no-fraternization clause: no screwing around with the band members.

But Killer Valentine is falling apart. Drugs, groupies, and the rock-and-roll lifestyle are seducing the rockers despite the desperate efforts of the lead singer and the band manager, a green-eyed, gorgeous hunk named Jonas Rees.

Rhiannon tries to help Jonas hold the band together, but every time they retrieve one of the rockers from another drug-addled disaster, Jonas’s sultry looks and lingering touches make her yearn for what might have been.

Unless she’s willing to risk her only chance at stardom for love.

September 23
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

ButtonsMom2003 ,

A good read with an HEA

I enjoyed reading this book; it’s the first book by Blair Babylon that I’ve read (I own others but just haven’t read them yet). I suspect that I may be a little older than her target audience for this book but that didn’t keep me from wanting to read it when I was offered an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I would caution you that if you don’t like references to drugs, and what is probably the seedier side of a rock star’s life, you may not want to read this. However, know that the main characters do not indulge and, in fact, try to prevent others from indulging so this didn’t bother me.

The heroine is a down on her luck aspiring singer. Her trials and tribulations after joining a major band, and the interactions between the characters, were interesting to read. I’m not really sure why but this book didn’t invoke a lot of deep emotion for me as I read it (something I usually enjoy in a book) but, again, I still enjoyed reading it.

While this book is part of the Rock Stars in Disguise series it is a complete story with an HEA. After reading it you may want to continue reading the other books but you won’t feel like you’ve been left hanging. I should also say that this is the first “rock star” type of romance that I’ve read. I suspect if you enjoy that genre you will like this book.

Flicka6984 ,

Another Great, hot and steamy book from Blair

Another great hot and steamy story in the Killer Valentine rock star series. Rhiannon has fire and desire behind her singing and Xan notices this. But desire for Jonas may get in the way of the music. Intriguing writing to bring this all together. Really enjoy Blair Babylon's books and will definitely read more.
I received an ebook review copy free for an honest review.

shadowplay4u ,

A wild whirlwind of a story that will leave you reevaluating what the most important things in life

A wild whirlwind of a story that will leave you reevaluating what the most important things in life are. Once this mysterious train leaves the station, be prepared for a no-holds barred peek into the life of an up-and-coming rock band. Not only will you see life as it appears from our perspective, but you will see it first hand from a character who invests her heart and soul to be a part of their world. It’s not always pretty, but its honesty will challenge the hearts of all involved and force them to decide what matters most.

Rhiannon has spent most of her adult life doing everything possible to break into the sacred yet fickle world of music. She lives out a meager existence meeting only the barest of her needs in order to lavish what she can on voice lessons, music instruction, band experience, and anything else she can possibly find to help make her more appealing to the music business. All of her hard work seems to pay off when she is hired as a backup singer to the hottest new rock band in the industry – Killer Valentine. Will all of her sacrificing and hard work pay off with this incredible opportunity, or will this become her greatest nightmare by far?

Rhiannon is an amazing character who immediately captured my attention and my heart. She wasn’t the picture of perfection by any means and yet there was something that enraptured the lead singer of Killer Valentine to want to hire her immediately after her audition. Xan saw something in her that led him to believe that she was more then she seemed. He was willing to take a huge chance on an unknown nobody like her because he could see the fire and the potential that lay dormant in her heart. Rhiannon proved to be the unique and priceless jewel that Xan caught a glimpse of through her professionalism on the stage and her personal interactions with the band off-stage. She became a trusted friend and a musical equal that both thrilled and warmed her heart. What she gained from her time with the band was something that she would cherish and treasure for the rest of her life.

Blair Babylon has created a beautiful work of art with this short yet poignant story of showing us that things are not always what they seem. If we would take a closer look at those around us, we might discover that there is more to people then we give them credit for. We are taught to make quick judgments and assessments of each other in order to not waste time on our way to making our dreams come true. However, if we would only take a minute or two to really see each other, we just might find exactly what we are looking for. Why settle for second best when the best that life has to offer you is standing right in front of you? What we imagine perfection is might not be what is perfect for us.

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