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"Am I with the most selfish person alive?"

"Am I being selfish when I do the things I want to do?"

"If you loved me, you would…"

The battle of what "I want" versus what "you want" is intense. Couples are in a constant tug of war, squabbling with each other with no regard for their partner's feelings, with great guilt over their own perceived selfishness, or feeling somewhere in between. And it's costing us our relationships.

What About Me? will guide readers through the new terrain of relationships in this era of entitlement, showing how selfishness plays a role and helping you better understand what being selfish really is. Learn to:

•See beyond what you perceive as selfish requests—your partner's and your own

•Conquer the selfish hot spots that flare up in your relationship

•Understand all the differences, fears, and preferences that come between couples

Through anecdotes and quizzes, and drawing from Dr. Jane Greer's more than twenty years of experience in relationship counseling, What About Me? will teach readers what's reasonable to expect of themselves and their partners, equip them with the tools to move from "me" to "we," and get them back on track to happily ever after.

"Finally, a simply put yet deeply resonating guide to help us eliminate toxic messages that feed into our relationships! Keep What About Me? next to your bedside and get what you need, immediately!"—Emme, supermodel

"What About Me? unabashedly digs deeply into the origins of conflict in relationships and paves the way for resolution, healing, and happiness. This is a book that will serve all of us well."—David Perlmutter, MD, author of Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment

November 1
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Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Dj ae ,

A relationship isn't perfect...

...And neither is just one book on relationships. It cannot be expected that one perspective from any author can solve every crisis that comes along. However for 1.99$ it is hard to deny this book offers several valuable and eye opening suggestions that do work in real life ( As a guy asking "What Anout Me? Several times in my life, I've tried them and attest to their worth ). Though following other couples' can seem assuming at times it does provide the readers security in knowing nothing in a relationship is our instinctual sense of perfect and they are not alone in this struggle on the quest for true love. Bravo J. Greer; I know I enjoyed it.