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“Your testimony and this book is a gift to the body of Christ. Anyone who has lost a child will be comforted and uplifted by your witness in these pages. Every pastor needs copies  of this book to give to any family experiencing the death of a child.”

Dr. Larry Keefauver Bestselling Author and International Speaker


We all face difficult moments in life, but some people get hit the hardest: By accidents, unexpected illnesses, crimes or disasters. We can be living a normal life one day and then find ourselves in a tragedy a few hours later. Life is not fair. Yet the amazing thing is that God was never taken by surprise. He already has provided a way for us to walk victoriously through our darkest circumstances. I am so thankful for the way God sustained my friends Al and Paula Yorker after they lost their daughter, Sia, in a sudden and tragic moment. Paula already knew how to find her refuge in God----but after Sia’s death she learned lessons that will benefit all of us. If you have walked through tragedy, this book will nourish your soul deeply. If you have a loved one who has experienced a painful trial, this book will furnish you with the words to say to them. Paula takes the comfort that God gave her, and shares it with us. I am so grateful for this book!

J. Lee Grady, author and minister Former Editor, Charisma Magazine


Paula Yorker is a longtime friend who has been through tragedy and heartache that I have witnessed first hand. Her story will inspire, encourage and empower you to make it through the trials in your own life. What to do in the midst of a suddenly is a powerful and life changing book! I highly recommend it!

Award Winning Worship Leader Martha Munizzi


“This book written by a strong prophetic vessel and rugged intercessor who possesses the most tender heart I have ever known. Paula is a strong woman, but something happened that broke and melted her. So, she comes from her own experiences with a perfect message that will equip everyone to cope with your negative ‘suddenlies’ when they occur and for the other group of persons who are already in the midst of their bitter unexpected negative ‘suddenlies’. There is a proverb in Igbo language that says ‘a brave and strong man can be overpowered when attacked suddenly, on the other hand, a real brave and strong man is known by how he handles sudden attacks’. This book will prepare you ahead of time to be placed in the second category as you read and study the content.”

Mosy and Gloria Madugba International Coordinators, Ministers Prayer Network

Paula Elizabeth Yorker is the proud wife of Mr. Albert T. Yorker and the mother of their Princess, Sia Christine Yorker. She is an ordained minister and founder of Yorker International Ministry, School of Evangelism (www.yimsoe.com) and Executive Director of Sia Brain Awareness Foundation (www.siabrainawarenessfoundation.org). 

Paula holds an Associate of Theology, Bachelors in Pastoral Leadership and a Masters of Religious Arts. Paula and her husband, Al, frequently lead one day brain awareness seminars and evangelism seminars throughout the United States and Internationally. She ministers, conduct mission trips, keynotes and speaks on evangelism, Holy Spirit, prayer, discipleship, inner healing, family and brain awareness. She has served as Keynote speaker at the Charisma Conference, and featured in Charisma Magazine and Spirit Led Woman. 

Her ministry can be contacted at 770-674-8120

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