What Do You Need‪?‬

How Women of Color Can Take Ownership of Their Careers to Accelerate Their Path to Success

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Publisher Description

Lauren Wesley Wilson, businesswoman and founder and CEO of ColorComm Corporation uncovers the skills that women of color need to know to reach leadership positions.

What do you need? This question, as simple as it is powerful, is not often asked of women of color. But the answer to this question could be the difference between dreaming of a successful life and actually living one.

As founder and CEO of ColorComm Corporation, Lauren Wesley Wilson has been on the forefront of empowering women to become leaders and changemakers in business. At age 25, Lauren founded ColorComm, which began as an informal networking luncheon series and has since evolved into a multimillion-dollar communications company.

Like any successful venture, your career needs a strategic plan; and that starts by determining where you want to go and what you need to get there. A fundamental piece of developing that vision is the crucial question that ColorComm has long-asked its community: What do you need?

In her groundbreaking book, Lauren reveals the unwritten rules that women of color need to know in order to succeed in the workplace. Drawing from her own career experiences, Lauren shares the playbook you’ll need to advance to the C-Suite.

Whether you are a woman of color seeking to thrive in the workplace or an ally committed to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can excel, What Do You Need? is your indispensable road map to understanding, supporting, and empowering women of color in their careers.

What Do You Need? is a reminder that by understanding each other’s needs we can build bridges that lead us toward a more equitable and inclusive society, all while enjoying the journey up the ladder to success.

Told through stories from her own career and those of her friends and connections—including Whoopi Goldberg, Gayle King, Ann Curry, Michelle Lee—as well as through tools, resources, and practical strategies, Lauren uncovers the secrets of how women of color can reach executive leadership positions.

Topics include:
tackling imposter syndrome building a networkestablishing your valueinsights for recognizing the red flags when a job is a dead endand much more

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