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Many people have misconceptions about the biblical teaching on clean and unclean meats. What does scripture really reveal on this subject?

-- Inside this booklet:

-- Clean and Unclean Meats: Does God's Word Draw a Distinction?

-- How Should We Understand Scripture?

-- Understanding 'Unclean' in Romans 14

-- Does the New Testament Abolish Meat Distinctions?

-- Not Only a Matter of Diet

-- Which Animals Does the Bible Designate as 'Clean' and 'Unclean'?

-- A Matter of Health?

-- A Matter of Proper Cooking?

-- A Telling Event From Jesus Christ's Ministry

Religion & Spirituality
October 18
Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Genesis PURE Ohio ,

Very Well Written

As a Christian who follows a doctrinal view that is strongly different to many of the views held by the UCOG, I found this writing to be very well put together and sticking to the facts surrounding the topic. In no way did I feel that the views presented in this book contradicted the Scriptures or presented biased views that may be distinct to the UCOG. The book quotes several experts, at least a couple of whom I am familiar with and know hold views much closer to mainstream Evangelical doctrine. Having researched this topic extensively there are many other points I have found that could enhance this work, but the major points that support this issue are extremely well presented in these pages. This is a message more Christians need to hear because much of this information has been lost through a history of misinterpretations and cultural influences as the Gospel spread throughout the nations of the world. As someone on a mission to teach the truth of the Scripture pertaining to health and wellness at Genesis PURE Ohio, I thoroughly enjoyed this work. Very well done!

Sidanee ,

Very Helpful

The book actually exposes the mistranslation of the greek KOINON in Rom.14:14 as unclean when it's never translated as such in Leviticus 11(LXX). Excellent chapter!

HvVan ,

Very informative

I just noticed the same comment posted on every publication this publisher has to offer. Seems as though someone has a vendetta against united church of God, rather than someone who has actually read the material. There's tons of great information, 100% verifiable from the Bible.

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