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“Illuminating and very entertaining…a compelling read about someone who is much more than just the guy who sings for Iron Maiden.” —Loudwire

A long-awaited memoir from the larger-than-life, multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most successful, influential and enduring rock bands ever.

Pioneers of Britain’s nascent Rock & Metal scene back in the late 1970s, Iron Maiden smashed its way to the top, thanks in no small part to the high-octane performances, operatic singing style, and stage presence of its second, but twice-longest-serving, lead singer, Bruce Dickinson. As Iron Maiden’s front man—first from 1981 to 1993, and then from 1999 to the present—Dickinson has been, and remains, a man of legend.

But OTT front man is just one of the many hats Bruce wears. In addition to being one of the world’s most storied and well-respected singers and songwriters, he is an airline captain, aviation entrepreneur, motivational speaker, beer brewer, novelist, radio presenter, and film scriptwriter. He has also competed as a world-class level fencer. Often credited as a genuine polymath Bruce, in his own words (and handwritten script in the first instance!), sets forth many personal observations guaranteed to inspire curious souls and hard-core fans alike.

Dickinson turns his unbridled creativity, passion, and anarchic humour to reveal some fascinating stories from his life, including his thirty years with Maiden, his solo career, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, his early bands, fatherhood and family, and his recent battle with cancer.

Bold, honest, intelligent and very funny, his memoir is an up-close look inside the life, heart, and mind of one of the most unique and interesting men in the world; a true icon of rock.

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October 31
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Customer Reviews

Tokerama ,

Remarkable autobiography

Whether you’re a Maiden fan, or not, this is a remarkable autobiography of a remarkable musician and human. You won’t put it down until you’ve finished it.

SqueezyG ,

Not your typical rock and roll autobiography

If you’re looking for the typical rock ‘n’ roll autobiography, that details the life of sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and a tell all book of other rock stars, this is not the book for you. If you are a fan of iron maiden, you know that Bruce Dickinson is an anomaly, he is not your typical rockstar. He is fiercely intelligent, well read, well-traveled and above all else an airline pilot! As Bruce wrote in the afterword of this book, he did not detail marriages, children, divorces or the like. This book chronicles the life of an exceptional man and his journey, trials and tribulations through this thing we call life. My only criticism is I would have loved to have known more detail about the different iron maiden tours and albums, but again this is not your typical autobiography of a rockstar. The longest chapter in the book details a trip Bruce and his solo band took to Sarajevo and the horrors that he witnessed. If that does not describe the man that wrote this book, then you were missing the point. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and I hope Bruce writes more books. One disclaimer is if you are a typical American like myself, while I am well educated, Bruce writes in proper English, therefore, some words will not make sense to you, some words that we use synonymously in America are spelled differently, this is a minor distraction for an incredibly well written book.

tearsofthedragon ,

Brilliant! Entertaining!

A rare glimpse into the Maiden Machine and the man in front. Gracious and personal, thoroughly transparent. A fun read and very quotable.
A MUST READ for aspiring singers/musicians.

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