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Lack of knowledge is usually because people's minds have been blinded by the “god of this present world system” namely,Satan.

If this is the case in your life I pray things will change and that the blindfold will fall off in subsequent readings of the words herein.

We have a responsibility toourselves, inasmuch, when we discover truth we must apply it to free ourselves from lies and deception.

Failure to do this leaves us open to the charge of self-deception.

This publication will present simple guidelines and detail, which should help all Believers no matter the stage they are at in their faith walk!

How you will benefit...
If the directives given are heeded and acted upon here is what will happen ...

* You will experience "a breath of fresh air" in relation to the things of God etc

* You will begin ordering your faith walk aright in a fashion most beneficial to you in keeping
with God’s way of doing

* You will understand simple faith principles

* You will conscientiously cultivate a right attitude to be free of oppressions

* You will begin to reap real blessing as your life changes for the good

* You will remove that curse of ignorance and disobedience, which has “dogged” you for so long

* You will benefit in every sphere of your lives as you obey God’s word.

* You will prosper in whatever you turn your hand to in keeping with God's promises to you.

* You will be demonstrating your allegiance to your Creator as you “DO’ His word.

What Every Believer Ought to Know encompasses some 60 plus volumes of which this is the first

We hope you enjoy the book and that your life will change to being even better as you apply the directives given. God bless you and your loved ones!

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February 22
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