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Back at University, both our young lovers, Donny Weston and Abby Marshall promise to concentrate on study for the next months to take their finals, properly prepared, next spring……... I wonder?
Just when it seems that our two teenage heroes are able to calmly return to the University to complete their studies, fate decides to play another turn as once again the two young lovers come under attack, this time from a mysterious and most unsuspected source. It appears that not even the majestic powers of the British Intelligence Service will be enough to rescue the beleaguered duo and they will have to survive through their own skills. Finding togetherness even among the onslaughts, Donny and Abby also find remarkable friends who offer their assistance; but will even that be enough to overcome the determined enemy? In yet another chapter of a dynamic action adventure romance thriller starring the U.K.’s most interesting duo, Donny and Abby face death once again as they battle the forces of evil that threaten their very existence.
“Why is it,” Donny wondered. “Whenever we settle down to study, or go on holiday., something always turns up to interfere with our plans?”
Abby thought before she answered. “Probably because we mix with all the wrong sort of people?”
Their innocent attendance at an ‘end of year’ concert ends up in Donny being shot, and the danger-prone pair up to their necks in blood and bullets. From Ireland to Scotland, from Europe to USA the youngsters encounter, past enemies, and then a brand new set when they finally set off for a holiday in Florida. The irrepressible pair finish up in a blazing-gun shootout. So what else is new? But will they survive the overwhelming odds?

Fiction & Literature
May 21
A-Argus Better Book Publishers
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