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A horse-whispering loner

After years as an Army Ranger, Sebastian Donnelly is content to be left alone with his horses. He's better with them than with...people. But that changes when his boss's little sister shows up. There's something about her, a vulnerability that tugs at his need to rescue. And a sexy, vivacious charm that ignites an attraction he ought to ignore. 

A soon-to-be lawyer

Desperate for a break before her last semester of law school, Laurel Maxwell is excited to see her brother marry the woman he loves. Logan and Athena, their happiness, the life they're building at the farm all serve as a reminder that she's barreling toward a future she's no longer sure she wants. One her overbearing father insists is the only path she's meant for. 

Who's rescuing who?

When Laurel is offered the chance to stay on the farm and dogsit while the happy couple honeymoons, she jumps at the chance to get out her life and into Sebastian's strong arms. He wants to help her make her decision, a choice with haunting echoes of his own past. But is there any path that leads to a forever where a brilliant lawyer and reclusive horse trainer could build a life together? 

July 19
Take The Leap Publishing
Kait Nolan

Customer Reviews

NDA6391 ,

Love When Broken is Mending Back Together

I have made no qualms about expressing how much I love Kait Nolan as an author. She has a magical way of making each and everyone of her characters come to life, and practically run like a movie before your eyes. What I Like About You could quite possibly be my favorite book from her to-date. I love how she has two (2) broken characters, that do not necessarily know that they are broken, work towards making a mends. They did not know each other before meeting at a rehearsal dinner. However, the fact that Sebastian, a broken retired veteran, who works on Laurel’s brother’s ranch, can see Laurel when no else can, is truly remarkable. As you read page after page, you learn more about Laurel, her drive, and where she has gotten lost on her journey. Through each hurdle, Sebastian is there to give her strength, when she doesn’t even realize she needs it. Keep in mind that Kait Nolan finds a way to continue to show Laurel as the strong Heroine that she is, while sharing her weaknesses. Then there is Sebastian, a man having a hard time overcoming his past, with amazing support from his friends intown. As there should be, there is a push and pull between the two (2) characters, and then the anxiety of whether they will find their way together, or will they go their separate ways. Add the mystery of their friendship, their immediate chemistry, and how Laurel’s brother cannot know that they may be @more than friends”.

Highly recommend this book! The only reason for the reduced half a star is that I get tired of the undertone of getting past the past. Otherwise, it is a total book binge, and I’m confident you will find yourself unable to put it down!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

angie1229 ,

Motivational and Romantic

Kait Nolan’s newest offering speaks to anyone who may have gotten into a rut without really knowing how or why. I hate giving spoilers, so without going into specifics, I’ll just say it should stimulate every reader with an out-of-balance life to re-evaluate their life and pursue what they need to complete it.
The story delivers humor and passion and drama in typical Kait Nolan fashion and has moved up to being one of my favorites of all her books!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Cheryl33610 ,

Simply wonderful

The title of this book should be what don’t I like about you....because that’s my question! There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. From our hero Sebastian, who better with horses than with people, to the anxiety ridden Laurel, who’s been trying to live up to her fathers expectations for years. Their instant chemistry, much more potent than mere physical attraction, could be felt directly through the page, right from their first meeting.
Instead of opposites attract, I think our couple were instead two halves of the same heart, finally reunited thanks to the seamless storytelling of author Nolan. I was totally invested in their journey, which was sweet, hot and even a bit frustrating. But that’s life, love and couple-hood. Not a fairytale but a journey. And for me, this was a five star journey which I recommend whole heartedly!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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