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What Is Wrong With Twitter is the completely new sequel to the Amazon Bestseller, Twitter Surviving Change...a quick-read handbook packed with solid information on the New Twitter (released July 2019). The author introduces you to the new desktop interface with tweaks that make navigation faster; you will also learn how your Settings and Privacy options have changed, how to check them and make informed choices for your data sharing, and why you should do this first on Twitter.

This compact guide also includes important information on Twitter's new Rules (pronounced by the company as  "human readable" this time), how to find and join "healthy conversations", steps to take if "something seems to be wrong" with your account or your platform experience in general, in addition to strategies and tactics for writers planning to sell their books on their streams, for promoters of products who can easily run afoul of the new spam rules (this time the Rules include examples, a tremendous improvement!).

Twitter's expanded Analytics are also covered, always a great -- and still "free" -- source of information to gauge a tweet's effectiveness (or not) on the platform; these can quickly become indispensable to businesses operating on Twitter. We were excited to find the addition of video analytics, which seems to be gaining in popularity across Twitter.

There is also information included on the new issues facing international businesses on the platform as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD). Resources for further reading on social media issues are appended.

What Is Wrong With Twitter is for anyone on Twitter, if you've been there an hour or a decade like ourselves...The book is easily readable, crafted for the non-techie, not cluttered with impossible-to-understand jargon; explanations and references are also included to reinforce understanding.

Twitter is a massive, evolving platform with so many diverse avenues to explore; it's not unexpected to run across issues in your account. Instead of giving up in frustration (as we once did many years ago), let this book guide you towards locating an answer to a problem as quickly as possible and getting back on track.

What Is Wrong With Twitter is a stand-alone eBook; it is not necessary to have read our first eBook, Twitter Surviving Change.

"What Is Wrong With Twitter is a must read for anyone attempting to navigate through the minefields and psychological warfare on social media today!" Rhonda Lord, Former Actor and Twitterphobe

"This book covers everything I’ve been curious about regarding Twitter’s success and effectiveness of sparking a global phenomenon on how information is shared and spread. If you’re interested in learning more about the evolving interface of Twitter today, the algorithms it utilizes, the data analytics, to how you as a Twitter user can optimize your tweets and feed--this is the book and only one that covers all of that and more." Amazon Reviewer

"...A wealth of valuable insights into the world of  New Twitter, its rules, your privacy and how to make the best of it. A must-read for any and all regular Twitter users." Goodreads Reviewer

September 13
Kimberly Coleman
Ingram DV LLC

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