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The year of your birth contains collective and generational energy; that everyone born within the same year will be experiencing.  However, the month, and date you were born relates to your individual quantum energy called karma.  On the day that you are born, the particular energy of that day will be very personal, and affect you on a soul level.

For all others, this day will emanate a vibrational energy that we will experience by virtue of being alive.  We will be adding this energy to our sub-consciousness, allowing us a store house of vibrational energy to draw upon for insight, healing, or our personal development of this life.  The vibrational direction on each day will be the same energy vibration for everyone, yet will affect each of us at different times during the day, as well as on different levels, making it very personal. 

Every day dictates a resonate energy that each of us collectively experience.  There are quantum waves of energy that “mean something”.  Waves of energy that have a vibrational definition of their own, lending to the fact that we are all alive today, and when these waves are blended with each and every one of us,  it will be experienced not only individually, but collectively as well.  I call this “your truth”.  Even though there is a simple explanation for each day, it will affect each of us individually, on a very personal and unique level.  Therefore, allowing us to stay the same, or transcend along our own path.  Also, when choosing a day for a specific event, you will need to read the vibrational definition for the day in question; as to make sure that the resonate energy for that day, will be in harmony with what your event will be.

December 1
Ketch Institute of Metaphysics
Tina Bennett

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