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The sensational sequel to Katie Cramer's red-hot "What Lisa Did" is here! Three weeks have passed since Lisa's liaison with hunky male escort Dan in a London hotel room. She travels to Venice with best friend Julia for a night of erotic masked sex, unbeknown to husband Rob. What follows will change her life forever. Meanwhile, her husband finds a memory card hiding in a desk drawer, the contents of which will blow their marriage - and sex life - apart... ADULTS ONLY. A novelette of 8100 words. This is the second part of a character-driven erotic story, light on 'true' romance but with real situations and unconventional relationships. Contains explicit consensual (18+) male/female sexual situations and strong language. EXCERPT: He kissed her neck, his lips and tongue providing exquisite torture, before moving down to her erect nipples. He took the left one in his mouth, sucking at it gently, before rolling the tip of his tongue over the bumps of her areola. “Incredible,” he commented before moving on to the next. Lisa gasped as her stone-hard tips were flicked and pleasured. She closed her eyes, forgetting everything for just a brief moment. No Rob. No kids. No Julia. No work. Nothing. Just sex. Pure sex and pure pleasure. He ran his tongue up between her breasts before meeting her lips again. “If a white rabbit was to come along and offer to take you somewhere you’ve never been before, Lisa, would you go?” She smiled. “Like Alice?” “Exactly,” he replied. “Just like Alice.” “And where is Wonderland?” He grinned. “You’re already here, Lisa. This is it.” He reached over to a small table at the side of the bed and picked up a remote control. No, Lisa thought. That’s not a remote control. She recognised it from the hotel room in London, where this had all started three weeks ago. It was a transmitter. It’s for Helen, she thought. It’s used to call Helen. “Have you wondered why you’re in this magnificent room?” Alex asked. “It’s a little small for just the two of us, don’t you think? What we’re about to do - with your permission - is far more arousing than just penetration.” He waved the transmitter in front of her. “Are you ready, Lisa? Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?” She looked at the transmitter, then took it off him. Without her eyes leaving his, she pressed the button with a smile. “Absolutely.”

Fiction & Literature
June 1
Addictive Press
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