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#MisterIncompetent #WhatNOTtoDoinBed #ListenToVixen #DontPullaCoop

Blogger Victory Lennox is on the hunt for professional success, not a man, but she can’t get the reclusive actor Cooper Fairclough out of her mind. Cooper used to have a thing for his little sister’s best friend, so when Victory comes across Cooper running naked down a country lane—trying to catch up with his ride and his dignity— both decide it’s time for a fling.

Only when Victory’s self-help blog for men called “What NOT to Do in Bed” gains instant success, the public mistakenly thinks Cooper is the column’s featured Mr. Incompetent.

Suddenly, #WhatNOTtoDoinBed, #MisterIncompetent, and #DontPullACoop go viral, and the two find they must choose between either the fame Victory seeks and the isolation Cooper craves…or the chance to have everything they’ve ever wanted but didn’t know they each deserved.

July 11
Bloomfield Publishing
Rochelle Davisson

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iloveAC/DC ,

Delightful Romance with a hint of humor

What NOT to Do in Bed by Rochelle French is a light-hearted contemporary romance. It reads like a stand-alone, and it appears to be the start of the Vineyard Springs series (note that there is not a cliff hanger at the end of the story). With the reference to the town Meadowview, I assume that there is a crossover to French’s previous series, Meadowview. I have not read Rochelle French’s work before, but I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future.

Victory Lennox lives an orderly life in San Francisco; her “to do list” app keeps her focused. She avoids visiting Vineyard Springs in California’s wine country because she doesn’t associate home and family with that small town. Victory’s unfocused, self-centered dad and his hippie second wife (Flower) didn’t provide the family structure and nurturing that Victory needed. She still feels invisible and unwanted as a result of her upbringing. Feeling unnoticed and unworthy has defined Victory’s life. A degree in journalism didn’t lead her to a big-time newspaper but to a blog. She is the popular writer of the fashion “page” for Bay Online until she makes the mistake of being a little too honest about a designer who subsequently decides not to advertise on Bay Online. After some thought and limited choices, Victory, using the pen name Vixen, takes on the men’s issues page. Victory will do anything in her chase of fame and attention.

Cooper Fairclough comes from actors, in fact, he lives in the shadow of a very talented thespian, his grandfather, Bertrand Fairclough. Cooper grew up acting in local productions. His handsome face and charm led him to a plumb Hollywood role in his early twenties. He IS Dolby Wenker, the goofy party boy turned spy who never gets the girl but fumbles his way into brining in the bad guys. Cooper played the part on and off screen so well, that everyone thinks of him as that party boy. Reputations, deserved or not, have a way of impacting your life.

Anise Fairclough, Cooper’s sister, is recuperating and redefining her life after a tragic accident left her lucky to be walking in a brace. She is very family oriented and very protective of her brother, especially when it comes to the press. I was confused by her relationship with Victory; while it seemed loving and supportive at first, many of Anise’s comments to Victory started to feel harsh and critical (and not in that girlfriends have to be upfront sort of way). I started to view Anise as being bitter about her circumstances and perhaps jealous of Victory.

There is a large ensemble of secondary characters (both on and off screen) help the plot along and will probably have roles in future installments of this series.

The plot is evenly paced with a fairly predictable storyline. There are enough little surprises that the story is fresh and enjoyable. The smattering of comical incidents were perfect touches to bring to life a quaint, rural town. I loved the bumps in the road that both Victory and Cooper faced. Their confessions of their pasts and their insecurities were touching. I loved that their lives have intersected many times before but it took a perfect aligning of the universe for them to see one another as a vile love interest.

What NOT to Do in Bed is fun and engaging. It is equally sweet and humorous (but not quite a romantic comedy). This starting over romance will tug at your heart and leave you feeling happy and hopeful.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.

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