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Meridian Holder has long believed that most gorgeous men ruin their God-given gifts as soon as they open their mouths. 

Just because that theory doesn’t prove true with her boss, District Attorney Jack Denton, it doesn’t mean she would ever do something as stupid as risking her position as his A.D.A. to gain his affections. 

Until he has the one thing she needs—to protect her family from a lawsuit without his interference. 

Lucky for her, Jack has needs of his own—specifically, a date to his former fiancée’s wedding. Surely, she can hold her own out in Bourbon Country with his blue blood, debutante family for a week. 

She’s certain that with a little persuasion, they can negotiate a trade. If he can also scratch that little itch that she gets whenever she thinks of him, all the better. 

Jack has spent the last four years imagining Meridian’s long, auburn hair wrapped around his fingers while he indulges her lethal mind and body. 

As much as he would love to spend the week scratching any itch Meridian has, taking her with him would expose her to his family’s vitriol and to the secrets he protects at all cost.

Meridian never backs down from a challenge.

That is not an attribute his family appreciates.

Together, they discover the only thing that burns hotter than a whiskey-fire feud between their families is the passion that ignites the two of them.

When their loyalties are divided, will all of those lust-filled nights be enough to save them both?

December 29
Realm Press
Jill Richardson Neal

Customer Reviews

Fine pumpkin 511 ,

Change is good sometimes

This was another enjoyable addition to the Holders. Jack was the perfect man for Meridian. He loved her as she was with all of her stubbornness but always loyal and protective. I liked Jack’s determination to change his whole life and trust when it was so difficult to do. The mystery of Jack’s parents dirty deeds was interesting but I thought it dragged on a bit to long. The characters were interesting and liked the introduction of new characters to the Holders world. Great job as usual Jillian. Until next time y’all happy reading.

Amanda92478 ,

Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Unless you are Jack. It takes determination and guts to walk away from your family and leave a million dollar family and move to Holder County. But Jack knew he was better than money and greed that he watched as he grew up. Seeing how his parents lived was no way to live.

Now Meridian new the value of family. She knew what it was like to have family that had your back, not stab you in the back.

Meridian had no idea the hate Jack saw growing up until she decided to be a “pretend Girlfriend” and go and visit the Denton family for a wedding of the ex-fiancé of Jack. But she was a cowgirl and didn’t take back down to anything or anyone.

What started out as a favor turned into a juicy, sexy, passionate romantic few days away from Holder County and the real life they had as the DA and Asst DA. Little did they know the love and passion they had for each other.

But after a few days at the Denton compound Jack knew his heart belonged on the hard dirt back at the Holder Ranch. And Meridian would fight for what she wanted and went up against some of the meanest, money hungry, evil people to show Jack that she was there for him and would not settle until they were happy together on the Holder Ranch.

I could not quit reading as the suspense never stopped. But even with family drama Jack always made time to show Meridian he was serious and he loved her. Now, if I could just find my way to the Holder Ranch!

Jen G F ,

What She Wants Tonight

ARC for honest review with no compensation Wish you could give more stars!

What She Wants Tonight is book 3 in the Holder County series by Jillian Neal and OMG what a well written, emotional, hot read!

Meridian Holder, ADA for Holder County and Jack Denton the DA and her boss have the hots for each other but have kept it under wraps for years until he asks her to be his date for the wedding of his ex back in Kentucky, his hometown and she counters with needing to handle a frivolous lawsuit against her family that is on his desk.

So much happens and don’t want to give anything away but this page turner gets you on page 1 and doesn’t let you go til the very last explosive end!!

Can’t wait for more books in this series!! Well done...Ms Neal!!

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