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This classic theological resource is organized as follows:


1. God as Spirit

2. The Unity of God

3. The Eternity of God

4. The Omnipresence of God

5. The Personality of God

6. Omnipotence

7. Omniscience

8. The Holiness of God

9. The Love of God

10. The Righteousness, or Justice of God

11. The Mercy, or Loving Kindness of God

12. The Faithfulness of God

Jesus Christ

1. His Divinity

2. The Subordination of the Son to the Father

3. The Human Nature of Jesus Christ

4. The Character of Jesus Christ

5. The Death of Jesus Christ

6. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

7. The Ascension or Exaltation of Jesus Christ

8. The Coming Again of Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit

1. The Personality of the Holy Spirit

2. The Deity of the Holy Spirit

3. The Distinction of the Holy Spirit from the Father and from His Son, Jesus Christ

4. The Subordination of the Spirit to the Father and the Son

5. The Names of the Holy Spirit

6. The Work of the Holy Spirit

7. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

8. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prophets and Apostles

9. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ


1. His Original Condition

2. The Fall

3. The Present Standing before God and Condition of Men outside of the Redemption that is in Christ Jesus

4. The Future Destiny of those who Reject the Redemption that is in Jesus Christ

5. Justification

6. The New Birth

7. Adoption

8. Sanctification

9. Repentance

10. Faith

11. Love to God

12. Love to Christ

13. Love to Man

14. Prayer

15. Thanksgiving

16. Worship

17. The Believer’s Assurance of Salvation and Eternal Life

18. The Future Destiny of Believers


1. Angels their Nature, Position, Number and Abode

2. The Work of Angels


1. The Devil: His Existence, Nature, Position and Character

2. Ezekiel 28:1 - 26

3. The Abode and Work of Satan

4. Our Duty regarding the Devil, and His Destiny

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