What We Believe and Why

An insightful, accessible, plain-spoken (and a little bit feisty) look at the Christian faith, from its Jewish roots to its future hope, beyond denominational struggles and doctrinal war.

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Praise from across the theological spectrum, from Pentecostal, Evangelical, Reform and Messianic leaders, as well as readers…

Dr. Jack Hayford says:

"Profound and unique ... I heartily commend this book. It is, indeed, a teaching source of timeless truth much needed in these changing times."

Dr. David Mains says: “My breakthrough book of the year!”

Dr. John H. Armstrong says: “Honestly, I've not seen a book like it ... If I were pastoring this is what I would use, hands down…  I confess that I have been looking for a book like this for a long time.

Dr. Wesley M. Pinkham says: “the essence of theology that is Christian is clear and compelling; and the journey is enjoyable and challenging!”

Roy Schwarcz says: “I am reading your book. It is wonderful. I am not aware of a better book that can be used for new believers or seekers to understand the profound and yet simple truths of the Bible and theology…"



“I've been hearing these concepts since boyhood, but it wasn't until I spent 2 hours with this book that I really understood what they meant. I am richer for it.”

-Brad C., Wheaton, IL

“I just have to tell you that I am reading the Kindle edition of What We Believe and Why. The section I just finished, on being born into the Kingdom, is just stunning. I cannot thank you enough for writing. I wish I knew you personally, just to tell you face-to-face.”

-Craig W., Raleigh, NC

A very DIFFERENT Christian book: Insightful, accessible, plain-spoken....and just a little feisty. In this sweeping look at the Christian faith, Dr. George Koch lays out the foundation of what we believe and why we believe it. This in-depth exploration of topics important to every Christian—salvation, sanctification, prayer, loving God, baptism, heresy, communion, worship, and more—contains something for both the veteran theologian and the new believer. From connecting the covenants of Abraham, Moses, and Christ to exploring what life in Christ truly means, What We Believe and Why offers a solid foundation for the Christian faith, accessible to all readers.

In this journey, Dr. Koch, while acknowledging the importance of doctrine, isn't afraid to ask what really matters in the end. With this question in mind, the book delivers a convicting call to developing a deeper love for God, neighbor, and enemy, moving beyond the denominational struggles and doctrinal wars of modern Christianity.

The journey of this book is a challenging one, but can help Christians learn to refocus on the love of God, neighbor, and enemy that Jesus taught, rather than differences over our finite concepts about God and the Church. The true purpose of the Christian life is not merely to know more about God, but to know God more.

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July 24
Byron Arts
George Koch dba Byron Arts

Customer Reviews

5514 ,

An awesome book .....

If you're tired of wondering why your 'church' believes this or that, you'll really enjoying seeing the revelation of what to believe and why. This author breaks down the denominational divide and presents the basic precepts and truths of Christian belief.

This book has radically changed my life, and I am a pastor. I am reading it for the fourth time because I see something different every time I've read it. It is not a casual read, quite intense and heavy duty, but well worth the time.