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For thirty-three years Bookman’s Alley bookstore was tucked away in a back alley of Evanston, Illinois. It provided a dizzying array of books, curios, paintings, photographs, historical memorabilia and countless relics. Vintage jazz filled the shop and added to the feeling that one had wandered through a portal to another era. Overstuffed furniture beckoned us to sit, read and dream. It was a place to visit your imagination.

I was fascinated by this unique bookstore and upon learning of its closing, I began photographing it with the the intent of creating a poetic documentary that would invoke the feeling of being there.

As a musician and photographer, I’m always exploring how art in one medium can inform another medium to create a potent offspring. The photographs I captured at the bookstore inspired me to enlist the help of poets, musicians and composers. I asked each one to select a photograph and based on their impressions, to create a soundtrack that would accompany their selection. The results were amazing; juxtaposed with my photographs the accompaniments create a many layered and textured experience for the viewer/listener. The soundtracks express a wide range of emotions, ideas and a vast array of styles.

Click play, then look, listen, and close your eyes every so often to enjoy the daydreams, associations and journey.

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February 8
Marc Perlish
marc perlish

Customer Reviews

smlvin ,

Creative Concept, Quality Content

Outstanding photography by Marc Perlish! The subject material consists of images of an old, well known bookstore in Evanston, Illinois. His photos make you feel like a visitor to the store! He has a good eye for the details in the store and presents them well.
The really interesting part is that he has enlisted other media artists to contribute music and prose as accompaniments to the images. Makes you slow down as you browse through the images, letting the sounds enhance the experience.
Worth a look, for sure!

mhorvich ,

A Masterpiece!

Highly recommend this photographer, Marc Perlish, and this eBook "What Will I Find?"
The eBook is an homage to "Bookman's Alley," an Evanston landmark bookstore which has now gone the way of many other important landmarks. Marc has captured the essence and the MAGIC that was this wonderful place in this publication.

His kaleidoscopic/collaged views in Bookman's Alley are not altered but rather carefully positioned, un-retouched photographs. Their complexity takes delicious amounts of time to carefully study and digest. I am fortunate enough to say I one of Marc's pieces.

Marc, in this interactive eBook, has paired his photographs with original soundtracks which speak to the photograph and to you!

Thanks Marc Perlish, I treasure this experience.

FrcWolf ,

A beautiful multimedia experience

A collection of exceptional photographs accompanied by original text and sound/music. This is a lovingly assembled book that would be well worth your time to experience.