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'Read this book while on holiday – and loved it! I would highly recommend!' RACHEL ABBOTT.

A funny, feel-good coming-of-age novel which asks if the past can ever be part of your future.

Twenty-one and insecure, Vicky Hope comes up with a plan on the eve of travelling the world with her high-flying friend, Kat Lloyd: if she isn't married by the time she's thirty, she'll marry her geeky best mate Mikey Murphy.

Fast-forward eight-and-a-bit years, Vicky, now Vee wakes up on her thirtieth birthday in Brighton, expecting a proposal of marriage from her arty boyfriend Jez. Instead he tells her their relationship is over and she has no choice but to return to her parents' home.

Devastated and alone in her childhood bedroom, she decides she has nothing to lose and tracks down her two old mates. With shock, she discovers Mikey, now Murphy, is a successful app designer driven by his tragic upbringing. Kat, or Kate, never made it – but she hides a devastating secret, which threatens the happiness of all three.

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'Gorgeous! Funny, clever, romantic and real, it's brilliant' RACHAEL LUCAS

'A delightful story of lasting friendship & first love'

'I enjoyed every page'

'A read full of love, laughter and tears. The kind of book that lingers in the mind'

'Get a cuppa, get on the sofa, and settle down to a good old entertaining story!'

January 1
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JenTer13 ,

When things work out exactly as they should

Whatever Happened to Vicky Hope's Back Up Man is a novel of friendship, misunderstanding, hurt feelings, forgiveness, and reconciliation. This is the fourth novel by Laura Kemp.

Best friends Vicky, Katherine, and Mikey were all rather misfits in high school. Katherine's controlling mother removed her from the threesome by over scheduling her every moment. Vicky and Mikey became ever closer, even through Vicky's college years. Family issues kept Mikey at home, but his crazy tech skills and forward thinking may be even more valuable than a degree.

The night before Vicky leaves on a world backpacking trip with Kate, Vicky swears Mikey to promise if they are both single at 30, they will get together. And although along the way each one realizes the feelings they have for each other are much more than friendship, neither acts on it.

When Kate leaves Vicky behind in southeast Asia, Vicky gives her a letter to give Mikey that explores the possibility of a future for them. The letter is never delivered and Vicky feels lost, only to align herself with Jez, a ne'er do well artist with whom she travels, then returns with him to Brighton, only a short distance from Vicky's childhood home in Cardiff.

Feeling ignored by Mikey and betrayed by Kate, when Vicky returns to Cardiff after a bitter breakup, she feels its time to reach out to her former friends. The things Vicky learns about her friends, their past, and herself are the crux of the story.

A well written study of interpersonal relationships and the twists and turns involved in long term friendships, this story explores the myriad of ways people react to situations and how, with every occurrence there is a choice to be made as to how one reacts and the pathway that reaction will lead. I did find this an interesting character study and do recommend this book.

Honolulubelle ,


Cleverly crafted, crisp, amusing, and completely engaging

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