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Former professional basketball player Keyon Dooling shares the dreadful experience of being sexually abused as a child, the PTSD that lead him to retirement and his will to live in a tell--ail all book released on July 15, 2014 entitled “What’s Driving You??? How I Overcame Abuse and Learned to Lead in the NBA” – This memoir shares his experience with overcoming abuse and rising to the top of his game. Dooling’s courage to share his story is remarkable and intended to help others who have faced abuse get to a place of healing and restoration.

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July 15
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floridabee ,

Worthy read

"What's Driving You??? How I Overcame Abuse and Learned to Lead in the NBA" is an extremely worthy read. It is far different than any athlete success story because instead of telling you about how to work through an extremely critical life challenge, it very credibly outlines how it can be done, with tremendous success and grace.

While not a self-help book, it is actually more effective than most self-help books because the book's message and the way it is delivered is authentic and genuine. The primary story line of sexual abuse is not a topic that many people are willing to speak openly about, and this lack of open-ness does nothing more than layer shame and stress upon the victims of such abuse. Mr. Dooling is to be commended for being so open about his experiences, particularly since he is a celebrity, athlete, and public figure - factors that might cause others in his position to keep the matter private. Instead he leverages this to get his message out to prevent abuse, and let people know who have been abused that it is ok to get the help you need.

A secondary theme of "What's Driving You" is the importance of mental wellness, something that only recently has started to gain attention in our society. Mr. Dooling brings to light the fact that when people experience trauma and do not have the opportunity to process it and deal with it, they will be affected in ways they could never anticipate, and that sooner or later a date with destiny will occur when they will have no choice but to deal with that trauma. By that point, the person themselves may be completely blindsided, having spent their life unknowingly driving themselves forward and away from that trauma. So many people pay for the rest of their lives for something that happened to them as a child that they did not deserve or invite, and they need and deserve to get assistance to heal and move forward.

Most importantly, this story conveys that healing is possible and therapy works. This is a concept that may not seem possible to those who have lost hope in thinking they will be ok and that they can be "helped". Getting the right help can be daunting and discouraging, requiring navigation through a broken mental health care system and it requires commitment, cost, and time - often with varying results. Mr. Dooling's first-hand account of how effective therapy can be is encouraging to anyone considering help.