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How can I please the Lord & what does he expect from me?

Anymore these answers are not commonly provided by the modern church in America, Israel, or Europe. In the Arabic World, India, Southeast Asia, China, and even parts of South America, you can be severely persecuted [even killed] for your new-found faith.

Daily Christian life in most of the world today is dangerous. There are the obvious dangers under Sharia Law, but the pull toward sin and worldliness is equally dangerous in our modern civilization where the absolute truth of the Gospel is seen as intolerant or worse. The last job I had finally came out in the open and forced me to sign a statement agreeing with many thing which I know to be sin. I left that company as soon as I was able to do so—without injuring the students in my care.

There is only one person who is able to lead you through this life and protect you. He is Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua our Messiah. He purchased your freedom by paying your penalty for sin when He died on the cross as a holy, sinless person. That gives Him the right to tell Satan—and those who serve his evilness—to leave you alone. That gives Him the authority to fill you with His Holy Spirit.

Jesus is your liege Lord and worthy of your love and service. No governmental worries, for He is the one, true loving King over all other pretenders, supreme in all of God’s creation. The government has no power over you—if you are following Jesus’ lead, walking in the Holy Spirit.

That’s real power!

Even under severe persecution, He will keep you safe until your work is over and it’s time for you to go home and rejoice. Jesus is more than sufficient. He is your all powerful king. The kingdoms of the world have no power over Him, at all. Follow His lead and you will be fruitful!
It’s a wonderful life!

Religion & Spirituality
October 18
David Bergsland
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