When a Lord Meets a Lady When a Lord Meets a Lady

When a Lord Meets a Lady

Bree Wolf and Others
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Allow yourself the pleasure of being whisked away to an era of whispered courtship and grand ballrooms in an anthology of Regency romances brought to life by the deft hands of WOLF Publishing's finest storytellers—where love, intrigue, and passion are penned with unparalleled skill.

In these pages lie six meticulously crafted tales, each blooming with its own unique blend of love and ardor. Embrace the journey through opulent estates and rugged hearts, where dukes, earls, and spirited heroines are not just characters but cherished companions you'll remember long after the final page is turned. With every stolen glance and tender embrace, these stories invite you to revel in the pursuit of a love that is as enduring as it is unexpected.


(1) How to Live Happily Ever After - Bree Wolf

"How to Live Happily Ever After" unfolds the tender tale of Agnes Bottombrook, who, having resigned herself to the life of a spinster, believes her chance at love has passed. Enter Lord Wentford, who falls hopelessly in love with the unsuspecting Agnes. His heart is captivated by her wit and quiet grace, but winning hers is a battle against her deep-seated doubts. As he ardently strives to prove his love is sincere, they both discover that the path to happily ever after isn't found on the pages of her beloved books, but in the vulnerable throes of trust and heartfelt passion.

(2) In Lieu of a Princess - Meredith Bond
Step into a world of royal intrigue with "In Lieu of a Princess". Lucinda North's life turns upside down as she impersonates a missing princess and navigates the perilous waters of Buckingham Palace. Amidst assassination attempts and courtly maneuvers, she finds herself falling for the dashing Earl of Melfield. Adventure and romance blend in a tale where identities are concealed, and hearts are revealed.

(3) Duke of Madness - Jennifer Monroe
Delve into the enchanting "Duke of Madness", where superstition and desire intertwine. The Duke of Elmhurst searches for his lucky watch only to find a good-luck charm far more captivating—Miss Julia Wallace. Together, they navigate a path of mystery and affection, where a duke's dark secret might just be the catalyst for true love.

(4) Daring the Duke - Charlie Lane
Be swept off your feet by "Daring the Duke", where Lady Tabitha's strategic match with the Duke of Collingford evolves into a genuine contest of hearts. On a collision course with true affection, they find that even the best-laid plans can pave the way to a love that is as unscripted as it is undeniable.

(5) A Duke, Love & Sunshine - Tabetha Waite
Be entranced by the fiery encounter between a visionary landscape architect and a Duke who embodies enigma itself in "A Duke, Love & Sunshine". Miss Iona Richards, with her heart set on independence, and the Duke of Rosewood, with his heart shielded from the world, find in each other an unexpected harmony that dares to defy the bounds of society.

(6) In Want of a Wife - Rebecca Paula
Step into Lily Abrams' quest for a fresh start in "In Want of a Wife", where an unexpected answer to a matrimonial advertisement sets her on a collision course with Lieutenant Rafe Davies, a man as cynical as he is charming. On a journey from the rugged hills of Cumbria to the windswept shores of the Isle of Wight, they navigate the perils of a wife-wanted ad gone awry. What begins as a ruse to appease a brother's whimsical decree blossoms into a genuine bond, challenging their beliefs about second chances at love.

February 8
WOLF Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Peg1951 ,

Good Set

Nice set of series starter.

How to Live Happily Ever After by Bree Wolf
This is an absolutely charming story with loads of humor and loveable characters. Agnes can’t believe Grant is serious about courting her, and certainly not about marrying her. Grant fell in love with Agnes, whom he calls Nessa, at first sight. There is one determined suitor, one confounded lady, two meddling mamas, and one sweet papa. The story is simple with a few side-steps and lots of fun. So, how do you get that happily ever after? Persistence!

In Lieu of a Princess by Meredith Bond
When Lucinda North goes to her interview to be a teacher, she is mistaken for the missing Princess Louisa. She agrees to impersonate the princess until she can be found, at which time she will the teaching position. She is in for quite a ride. Anthony, Earl of Melfield, and his mother are tasked with preparing the princess for her presentation as the heir to the throne of Aachen-Düren. What will happen when Anthony learns that the woman he has been tutoring and coming to care for is a fake? This is an enjoyable story with lovely characters, secret identities, mystery, a kidnapping and rescue, romance, and a happy ending.

Duke Of Madness by Jennifer Monroe
Agnes Rutley, Headmistress of Miss Rutley’s Finishing School for Young Women, is quite ill and has called her girls back to her side. She asks each of the women to tell her a story, the story of how they fell in love. The first story is about Julia Wallace and Matthew Colburn, 5th Duke of Elmhurst. Matthew believes that he will be mad just as his father was. He works hard and has been successful. He believes his success is due to a family heirloom pocket watch. Julia doesn’t believe in luck or superstition, but that strength and hard work determine one’s fate. After an unpleasant incident at their first meeting, the two of them become close. Will Julia be able to help Matthew conquer his fear and superstition, and Ezra? The first story in the Sisterhood of secrets, and an enjoyable read.

Daring the Duke by Charlie Lane
Tabitha, Jane, and Lillian are wallflowers who pass the time at balls by playing a game of dares. In one of the dares, Tabitha dares Arthur, Duke of Collingford, to marry her, telling him she will be the one who gains his family’s approval so that he can inherit his childhood home. Interesting, but iffy.Tabitha and Arthur are opposites. They take notice of each other, but it is not love at first sight. I love the way the romance built slowly. Both work hard, maybe too hard, to be perfect, but realize that perfect, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The characters are all great, even Uncle Brutus, who makes the perfect villain. Tabby’s friends and sisters and Devon are fun, and Arthur’s mother is smart, caring, and gives very good advice. There is a bit of drama as it all comes together, but in the end all is well. Interesting and enjoyable story.

A Duke, Love, and Sunshine by Tabetha Waite
Iona Richards wishes to be a landscape architect. Her family disapproves. She sees an advertisement for a boarding house that invites independent women to join their society of spinsters. Will this be this move help her achieve her dream? Thorpe Covington, Duke of Rosewood, is looking for an architect to landscape the gardens around the cottage he has in Burnham-on-Sea, and possibly Rosewood Manor. He is impressed with Iona’s sketches, but doesn’t feel right to hire a woman. As he spends more time he spends around her, his admiration grows. He soon becomes enamored with her. Does Iona feel the same for him? Can she be a landscaper and a duchess? This is well-done story about independence, attitude adjustments, success, and finding love. The characters are exciting and strong. All of the ladies at the boarding house have hopes for the future, and are all ready and willing to help each other. There are few stumbles, but in the end, a happy ending.

In Want of a Wife by Rebecca Paula
Rafe Davies has been in the Navy most of his life. He is ready for a change, but isn’t sure what he wants to do. When his brother inherits an earldom, he goes to the Isle of Wight to help restore the estate. When he decides that his brother needs a change of attitude and a wife, Rafe places an advertisement for said wife, without consulting with Henry. Lily Abrams has been jilted twice. Her father and family maintain it’s her fault for being to open with her intelligence. Desperate, Lily answers an advertisement for a wife on the Isle of Wight. When Rafe arrives to escort her to Henry (and not himself) a wild, humorous, cross-country romp begins. Their journey ends with a couple of surprises. Is there a happy ending for Rafe and Lily? The way is tough and uncertain, but things have a way of working out as they should.

Hillsmomma ,

Very Entertaining

All these books are from some of my favorite authors and I have yet read all the stories but I have read three of them. Daring the Duke by Charlie Lane was funny, adventurous, and just enough spice. Tabitha, who had a photographic memory, was determined to become the perfect Duchess that’s what Arthur, the Duke of Collingford needed, and that’s what she would become. Of course, Arthur wasn’t sure if she could pull it off, but excepted her dare to give her a chance. He set up some tests to see if Lady Tabitha could indeed be the perfect Duchess. Did she pass or fail?

A Duke, Love And Sunshine by Tabetha Waite made for an entertaining read. Iona’s passion for architecture has her dreaming of becoming a great landscape architect. Her determination is so strong that the Duke of Rosewood is no match for her Whitt and charm I like happily ever after, and the characters made this story a page Turner for me, very entertaining.

In Lieu Of A Princess by Meredith Bond. Lucinda North’s life turns into a fairytale when she is asked to impersonate a missing princess. She takes the job to help support her family after the unexpected death of her diplomatic, father and mother. She is moved to the palace and starts lessons on how to be a princess. Anthony, the Earl of Melfield is asked to introduce Lucinda to society functions. Having had his heart broken and not wishing to return to society he grudgingly accepts and finds the princess is not at all what he expected.

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