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This excellent book is so important. It clearly and powerfully explains what the parallels are between Germany's fall from grace and the beginning of our own fall. - Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

In When A Nation Forgets God, Erwin Lutzer studies seven similarities between Nazi Germany and America today—some of them chilling—and cautions us to respond accordingly. Engaging, well-researched, and easy to understand, Lutzer’s writing is that of a realist, one alarmed but unafraid. Amidst describing the messes of our nation’s government, economy, legal pitfalls, propaganda, and more, Lutzer points to the God who always has a plan.

At the beginning of the twentieth Century, Nazi Germany didn’t look like a country on the brink of world-shaking terrors. It looked like America today. When a Nation Forgets God uses history to warn us of a future that none of us wants to see. It urges us to be ordinary heroes who speak up and take action.

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January 5
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Customer Reviews

HeirRex ,

Concise, compelling, and to the points—7 of them

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think!”
—Guess Who

One of my favorite parts of the book are the quotes from historians, Nazis, Nazi victims, Nazi-resistors, and notable “anti-Nazis” (I mean great minds throughout history who loved and promoted freedom of the people and of the Church).

I’m sure the author could have provided quotes and examples to fill an encyclopedia, but he stuck to making the points relatively concisely, and I appreciate that, because I’m hesitant to commit time to reading larger non-classics. If you want the encyclopedia, Lutzer provides copious sources.

This was published in January 2016, and I just read it now in October 2020. I feel like I got to this book decades too late, but this is one of those books that only becomes more true over time (unfortunately). It’s not really a downer, though, but it’s ultimately filled with hope and encouragement for the individual and for the Church.

Pop* noice ,


Great read and so true.

PraiseDrums ,

Conservative Indoctrination

All of the points made are used to bash liberal ideologies when in reality they apply equally as much (if not more in some cases) to the modern Republican Party. I enjoyed his book “Hitler’s Cross” but this was awful. Do not recommend.

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