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What is a child to do? These eight parables, or tales in rhyme, deliver serious social messages in a fun and creative way. We visualize the positive actions to be taken on the following themes: "be a friend to have a friend", "selfishness is silliness", "fear is forgotten", "life can be good", "it is what we can do that matter", "we are all able", "confidence is catchy", and finally, "differences are delightful". Despite positive examples at home and school, children tend to lose sight of the ways and means to be good neighbours and friends. The contents of this book speaks not only to children, but to adults alike, about qualities we all wish to instill in our youth. "The dialogue is smooth flowing, natural sounding, and appropriate for the target market. The readers will love your rhyming patterns throughout. These rhyming patterns ensure that this material is easily read and remembered. Thank you for all of the hard work writing these rhyming patterns. Overall, I did enjoy these stories. Each story teaches a valuable lesson. I am impressed with your imagination. You do seem to understand what your readers want and need from a manuscript. The readers will love your choice of characters as well. I feel that these storylines are well thought out, well paced, and well written." - Cynthia Sherman, Writer's Children Literary Agency Group "Heather, I have to say your little book was an absolute delight to read! I liked all of your stories and your rhyme is wonderful. It was very melodic. Some of them had me laugh out loud. Each one is unique and I enjoy the fact that you gave each story its own flavor and even rhyming style. Not to mention the great lessons within. This is very well written and nicely organized. Wonderful stories, Heather. Great job!" - Editor Darya Crocket, Coastal Editing About the Author: Stewart earned her degree in Education and Guidance from a background in Behavioral Psychology and Childhood Education. For many years, she worked in both corporate and private businesses before returning to teach. In addition to being an occasional teacher within the local school board, she has lectured college students in Communication Skills and Human Resource Management for twenty years. For ten years, she has also counseled students with learning needs while facilitating human rights and equity in the workplace.

January 30
Word Alive Press
Ingram DV LLC
Grades P-1