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Using an innovative technique, author Jennifer Nichols introduces her first eBook, "When Animals Meet", which is a book to help children learn about animals and their physical activities in a unique and enjoyable manner.

Summary of the Book:

Children’s learning can be made so much more interesting and fun-filled if you possess the right kind of book. Children often refuse to learn and in most cases it is due to the boredom that creeps in. Multitudes of Children's books are available in the market, however; most of them use the same learning technique. It’s time kids had access to something more interesting.

Animal books like "When Animals Meet" are here to change the perception of children’s learning by introducing an innovative learning scheme. Not only is the book inundated with colorful pictures of animals, certain physical attributes about them are also illustrated using a rhyming technique. Kids books on animals are great to learn little known facts about animals. The use of the rhyming technique is what sets the book apart from other animal books.

Nothing grips our memory better than rhymes. We remember them even after long periods of time. What better way to learn the physical activities of animals than in words that rhyme? Illustrated from this book are certain examples below:

* Monkeys can jump and live in trees
* Giraffes are tall and have long knees!
* Parrots are colorful and they can fly
* Elephants cannot but would love to try!
* Zebras have stripes, which are black and white
* Hippos are big and snore at night!

Completely different from other animal books for kids, the "When Animals Meet" highlights the physical features of animals through means of rhymes, making the learning experience a lot more fun and interesting. Animal names are flanked by images of two animals and two liner rhymes. The book brings around 50 animals together.

The exemplification of animals in cool images is another added feature of the book. The illustrations are professionally and endearingly done. This professional attribute gives a realistic twinge to the animals, thus enabling kids to easily recognize them in real life. Kids are normally drawn to the colorful images present in books; hence the colorful animal graphics of this book are sure to catch the fancy of the youngsters. Parents will surely get to see an eagerness to learn in the eyes of their kids.

Getting to know about animals like a monkey/chimp, bear, elephant, leopard, giraffe, lion, kangaroo, and buffalo in such a unique manner also has educational significance. Both rhyming and illustrations are kids’ favorites and the blend of both of these features in the book is indeed commendable.

Kids can quickly memorize animal names and they can even relate to their physical activities when they see the animals with their own eyes. The book is recommended for children aged 3-6. However, the fun element of the book is sure to involve the elders too.

March 4
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