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The message of this book, or the lesson to be learned from it, is that everyone, or anyone, who humbly and sincerely seeks God’s help in time of need, be it a solution to a problem large or small, will receive that help from their loving and caring Father in heaven. To instill in a child at an early age that he or she can always count on God to be there for them, and that they can always depend on him to come through for them, is the most valuable gift a parent could possibly bestow upon their children. A child will be given not only a solid spiritual foundation, but a healthy internal formative and supportive psychological mainspring that will last a lifetime.

When Cats Could Fly should instill, illustrate, and demonstrate to a child in a relatable manner that they too are part of a chain of being in a larger scheme of life (just as Davy’s is in heaven) and that no matter how badly they mess up in their life, there is forgiveness to receive and a solution to be found, whether the problem is somewhat minuscule, or even seriously life-threatening, by praying for God’s intervention and his loving attention. It’s more than likely intentional that the very middle verse of the Bible, Psalms 118 verse 8, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man,” is in the center and in the very heart of God’s Holy Word.

This story concerning Davy and his feline sidekick, Izzy, and the predicament they find themselves in (albeit by way of their good intentions), also means to convey to the child that God is more than a 911 number to be dialed or called in case of, or only because of, an emergency. It also intends to convey the thought and message that God seeks to have a personal relationship and communication with his children and servants as well.

July 27
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